Israel and strategy

In the war with Iran, the Jihadi Islami attack is an open attempt of Ahmadinejad to turn the Sunnis against Israel. It is a ruse, and it is done solely to hinder the emerging alliance between Egypt, the Arabs and Israel. This alliance would make Iran extremely vulnerable.

So in order to hinder this ruse to work, I believe we have to use force in a very controlled manner. It has to be razor-sharp, we only target military installations, and only installations we are absolutely sure is iranian proxy forces.

At the same time, it is of an extreme importance, that we show to the world, that it is Iran who are pulling the strings. It will help the Americans, and it would further the alliance we are building.

It may seem a little strange to ally ourselves with the Arabs, but strange things happen in war, and a ceasefire from Hamas would be a very welcome reprise from the onslaught we have witnessed in the last ten years. It would bring peace a little closer.

If we play the game, and support the Arabs, we would have one less enemy to deal with.

So, the Arabs are hard-pressed in Syria, and they want to protect the Sunnis there. Let them, within reason, and not at a mass slaughter scale, but a reasonable level.

We need to further the propaganda, not the untruthful propaganda, but the true propaganda. A prove of an iranian hand in the missile barrage would bring us a potential media win, it could be done. At least a social media propaganda attempt should be done.

So, very precise, politically sensitive, if that exists, defense against the iranian attack, combined with a media uncovering, would, potentially give us an easy victory.

G-d bless Israel

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