To stand up for justice

In order to understand the deep theoretical and ethical discussions concerning the action of the faithful, we have to understand the width of the discussion.

Again, I am not a christian, so i do not speak on the behalf of the christian ideology, I only convey the ideas of a philosopher in the light of spirit. That is a neutral position.

Basically, I think we have to discuss the basic principles of nature in the light of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ did not base his ideology on fancy ideas of himself, he drew on the ideological inheritance of the jews. So to understand Jesus Christ I believe one has to understand the jewish folk history, that lead to the position of Jesus Christ.

The covenant Jesus tried to fulfill, was the covenant the jewish people has done with spirit when Abraham tried to fulfill his ideas; the believe that love should be spread and lived by all of humanity.

So Jesus Christ based his ideas on Abraham.

Now who was Abraham, and what was his ideological frame? Abraham was a citizen, or a part of, the polis of Babylon. He lived in the ancient city among its wonders and Ziggurats.

So to ultimately understand Jesus one has to understand the problems that Abraham tried to address.

Now Babylon was something special in its days. Imagine a gigantic city by the standards of the time. A city full of merchants, business, political discussion, spiritual ideas, the seat of law by Hammurabi, and a city of absolute chaos. Nobody could really relate to anyone. That is the point of the tower of Babel.

The stories Plato has about a democracy on its heels; the dissolvment, the freedom in abundance really does not relate to Athens. Athens worked quite well as a sprawling and amateurish but perfect democracy, no, it relates to Babylon. As many other items of Plato, it was a reflection on earlier theoretical discussion.

So the Abrahamic ideas of love as a medicine to counter the chaos of a Babylonian type democracy, has to go hand in hand with the critique of Plato. It is the same discussion from two angles.

So love and order are two principles that has to be combined in a syntheses.

Now, why?

Well concerning the polis idea that later became the nation and what we refer to as a democracy, it is quite clear. It refers to law and justice. Nature is a chaotic place, and the rule of the strong reigns supreme in nature unless man tries to curb its strengths. This was the triumph of Babylon; it did suppress the rule of the strong through its law system that blindly did help the weak.

But a sole lawstate makes a stale society, if it is not balanced by other means as well. Here it makes sense to discuss the principle of love. Because the love is also an item that draws humanity away from the rule of the strong. There are many ifs and whys, be the basic point is; when we do love someone, we share and we protect.

In this sense love and justice are two items of the western civilization to give peace.

I know that there are places on this beautiful planet of ours where love does not penetrate the actions of man. In fact there are many places, in these places we have to protect the weak.

Take the pilgrims. In times before we had a well working justice system the nights Templar protected the pilgrims. Still there are simple statues on the road to Compostela de Santiago to remember the Templars.

Now, in the days of the Templars the pilgrims needed protection to survive. If not they would have been at prey. They were at prey, and many pilgrims seized to live on a dusty road because they were attacked and maimed.

The exact same situation is now the case in Syria and Egypt. There christians are at prey. It is other dangers that meet them, but it is because they are weak that they are in need of protection.

Exactly the same situation is the basis of Israel. Jews need protection because we are always in flight of some new threat.

The rule of the strong reigns in nature, and that is the antichrist. When people hide in the darkness to wait for the hapless pilgrim, the lone jew, the tortured copt he is afraid of the minions of the sons of dark.

The sons of dark have no trouble killing, persecuting, raping. We live in this situation in Denmark continuously.

When evil is in the air, the weak are at prey, and however you turn it around, you have to make a stand to protect those who are under your wide wings. Otherwise you do not live up to the obligations you have.

When jews where send to the gaschaimbers, they begged people to intervene. Would it have been wrong to intervene? No, it would have been right. The corrupted science of the nazis were a reflection of the sons of dark, as the ideology of Ahmadinejad is, as many other Islamist ideologies are.

We should, as I see it, confront those who are willing to lure in the darkness to kill and bring chaos, in order to bring love and symmetry.

G-d bless those who stand up for justice when it is needed.

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