The Christians

To understand the position of the christians you have to understand both the spiritual core and the current political developments.

Let us be honest; many muslims see it fit to persecute christians in their own countries. They see them as representatives of the western world that they dislike so much. And they are in a position of power to let wrath loose upon the christians. It happens in countries where we are represented as a part of the solution; Egypt, Syria. A solution to the conflict cannot work without the christians to play a part of the game.

The christians of Syria are frightened by the sectarian violence in Syria. So far it has mainly been between Sunni and Alawi, but it could spread to involve the christians as well. The same goes for Egypt, where the Islamists are getting into power. So we have to be careful, and consider the plight of the christians.

Who are they these christians in the lands of Middle East. To me they are something really special, and they are something special to their countries as well. For millennia have they been under the thumb of the muslims, descendants of the byzantine empire and in the case of he Copts in Egypt, they still trace their lineage all the way back to the pharaohs. The last little remnant of the proud people who gave us so much of our culture.

Now, they are in danger, and in this case we have to discuss the path of the christians. I do not claim to be a christian myself, and therefore I cannot judge any on terms that are not mine. But I would like to, in all respect to discuss the philosophical principles in the case, if it is ok, I hope so.

Looking at christianity, there is one item I believe is of an utmost importance; the role of Jesus. What was the role of Jesus, at least it was twofold; first to be kind and loving, second to be the light upon humanity.

The first creed is something we can always be, and should be, the second is much more difficult.

It is said that the light of Jesus, is not just any light, but a special light. It is the light of the soul. How do we interpret the light of the soul in the situation we are in? What is the light of the soul; it is the truth. Not the truth we are blinded by, but the truth we can live with.

This is a basic principle we should use in order to protect the christians at prey in the Middle East; tell about it. Let people know about the persecutions, give them a helping hand, by bringing their case to the agenda of the world.

As I understand it, they are asking for help, let them at least have it by bringing their stories to the front pages of the West. Yes it would put many muslims in a bad light, but what is most important; to keep the stale peace of censorship, or give the christians a voice?

As a jew, I am in no position to judge the christians. But a hope that the outstretched hand, and the words of peace and help might console some. If not, it was worth the try.

And as regard Syria, the case of christian persecution can be helped directly.

To understand what war is really about, then we have to realize, that strife and love are two parts of a whole. It is the basic principle of nature.

Therefor we cannot accept to just leave people behind if they are under a threat. We will act to protect the people who are under the thumb of the tyrant, this is the only way to make peace.

It however should only be done after a serious and indeed deep reflection and dialogue with all who are involved. War should never be something just done.

G-d bless the persecuted christians

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