There will be a time, when you will need to give a more profound answer to the aim of the election. It is pretty simple but yet audacious in its steep and preposterous claim; to make a renaissance.

The driving ideas, among other ideas, behind my philosophy has been exactly that; to reclaim the virtues and principles of the french and the american revolution, as it is formulated by persons as Voltaire, Marat, Bonneville and others.

What did they actually do? To understand that you have to dig deep and find the roots of the french revolution; Bonneville and the Bavarian illuminists.

Who were they? They were a motley mix of philosophers, charlatans, ideological persons and real ideological historians. They tried to dig deep into the history of the west and present ideas long forgotten.

Take the principle og illumination; enlightenment. This idea is an original idea presented to mankind by the egyptian clerics in the halls of Heliopolis, or the idea of rationality, another egyptian idea brought into the western hemisphere by the Pythagoreans, the original source of the illuminists.

They dug deep and found; Socrates, enlightenment, humanism, rule of law, rationality, the polis (nation) and numerous other items of western civilization.

That brought the inception of America, and that is the basic source of the great and enlightened nation of the free and bold. This is, among other items the core values.

Now in times of danger and dissolvment, it is time to go back to the original virtues and try to understand what they are, and how we can use them today.

This is called a renaissance, and that is the prepostouros aim of a serious presidency of a democracy on its heels. To turn the supertanker around, you have to find the core values and aim for them.

Tell the electorate that, and people will understand. Tell them, that the basic solution to the current fault of America is to be more just, more free, more bold and more loving. But to understand what it is, you have to teach it to the kids, to recur and renew the faith in the nation, to really understand what is the statue of liberty is a symbol of; freedom of speech.

That is, and should be the basic core of your ideology, and people will flock to your banners, especially in times of war.

Be what you are; bold and free, and you will win.

G-d bless America

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