New strategies of Israel

We have turned the tables. Before we were at the receiving end of all the animosity of the Middle east and the world at large. But by being bold and honest we have won the respect of not only our allies but also our enemies. They understand and respect our concern with the atomic bombs, and they are drawing back.

This is because we have shifted from a cold war focus to a more diplomatic and honest way of fighting. All the secrecy has been stopped and an honest communication have replaced the systematic secret operations.

This gives us respect, because we have shifted from darkness to light.

This is the basic tool of a serious nation, tha nation of Israel.

Now, we cannot attack Iran right now, they must have a chance to show, that they take our threat serious. We can give them a week or two. If they stop the building of the underground production facilities we have a serious negotiation in the making, if not it is a declaration of war. And we will have to act accordingly.

What is however much more interesting now is the situation in Syria. Here we have remained neutral, and can, as we should, give aid to the wounded and try to carry out missions of help and support, to all sides.

This will give us the gift of neutrality. The shia and the Sunni are now fighting each other. In this scenario, the antagonism of Israel will be a great burden, and the friendship and great boon.

We should use this situation, and remain a friend to both sides, if possible.

Right now we are, strangely in the camp of the arabs, because the arabs have an alliance with the America. But this is only shallow. It however gives us a new situation in Gaza, where Hamas are now remotely our allies. Strange indeed, but to our advantage.

The situation is therefore a situation in progress, we will, hopefully, if things evolve more positively end in a situation where we can be the peace broker and the light to our neighbours.

We are a nation now, and not just a nation, but a nation with a mission, now the mission is closer to fulfilment than before, but still far away.

Small steps in the right direction will eventually bring us peace and respect as we are due.

G-d bless Israel

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