The fruits of war is hanging low these days; slaughtering of innocents, atrocities, the foul breath of evil is in the air. No more violent today than in Syria.

The iranian regime is desperately trying to keep Assad floating, because a breakdown of the Assad regime is a large step backwards for the iranian regime, in the game of power in the Middle East.

Now the allies of the iranian regime are slowly drawing back, the sheer corruption and destruction of the war is too much. Today in a world where people are seeing the consequences of war in an almost unmasked truthful version, general crackdown on civil life is a bad idea. Especially if you are in the crosshairs of a major alliance. Assad should know this.

Now, the West stood by as the Russians and the Chinese vetoed an attempt to solve the crisis by force. We did respect the wish of an honourable country. But now the atrocities are too much to bear.

We do not wish to hold a powerful position in the Middle East, we are worried about the possible outcome of a continued escalation of weapons by the iranian regime.

This would give us a very good motivation, to enter Syrian territory, but we do not wish to start a third world war. Therefor, once again; please let the powers who are responsible for a solution that will divide the Syrian territory into a two state solution, come together and make a deal. We call upon the Russians; help us, let us find an honourable, peaceful and simple solution to the Syrian massacre.

If we do not, we have the blood of the Syrians on our hands as well. It is not all our doing, actually it is the infight between the Syrian people, who are to blame. But if we stand by as people carry out mass murder, we are to share a part of the blame.

If it is about protecting the iranian regime, well we differ on this point, but then again, what about the Syrian people, are they not also to be protected?

We can find a deal that is within all measures of faith, ethics and honesty, it is a matter of reinitiating the talks, and try to find a solution. If not, war will come anyway, because it will spread.

Let us work for a peaceful solution.

Please, and G-d bless the ones who are working for spirit, trust and ultimately; love.

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