The Muslim Brotherhood and The Arab League

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab League has become a problem. Why? Because they do not belong to the democratic league, and they have been actively plotting against the West and Russia through organizations as CAIR and OIC.

Now, in the Middle East they serve as bases of power for us, and they have a lot of oil. But in the power game we are playing, they are playing against us as well as for us, and that double position renders them unuseful as allies. Why? Because it weakens our negotiation position in the discussion on Syria and Iran. The russians can simply stop us by arguing for the simple truth, that the arabs are not actually working for democracy, bur are working for the arabs, that is the Sunni.

Now, there is a much deeper concern in the cooperation we should think about. If we continue the cooperation and Libya falls to the Brotherhood, the initial gain we made in Libya will be a loss. The aim of the Brotherhood has always been to install Islamism wherever they are. This loss will do serious damage to the relection campaign, and it is already a buzzing possibility to use in the reelection strategy of the conservatives.

So, we should, seen from a strategic as well as an ideological angle redraw from our close ties to the two powers.

Do it gently, but untie us so we can tie ourselves more closely with the Turks.

In the long run it will be much better, but even the alliance with the Turks can, potentially be dangerous due to the traditional antagonism between Russia and Turkey. If we are lucky to be allied with the Russian, there will be a situation there as well.

Not to mention the antagonism between Israel and the rest of the Sunni muslims in the fertile crescent.

The solution is as simple as it is difficult. We need to support all trends of a true democratic Islam. It is possible, the basic ideology is there in the very core of Islam; Abraham. But the intellectual capacities in the Middle east are not able, for the time being to understand the basic of their own Abrahamic faith, actually they never did.

So I do not know how to support a development towards a true democratic Islam, but if there are signs of it, we should support it.

Only thoughts to consider, we need to do something before things get out of hand, and the best would be, as I see it, to distance ourselves from The Muslim Brotherhood and The Arab league, and look for signs of a true democratic muslim awakening.

I hope that Egypt will do that, there are some signs, but I am not sure.

Untill that, at least we should acknowledge the Russian argument, and work with them to bring peace to all the Syrian people both the Alawi as the Sunni.

G-d bless this tried and complicated region of mankind

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