The peace we are loosing

We are now very close to the final showdown; Israel has, wisely toned down some of the aggressive war rhetoric. It is good, Israel cannot attack Iran by itself, the cards on the table has to be played wisely, secretly and very carefully. The most important game right now is the game of Russia, this is all what the current situation is about. China and Iran are in the same boat, and economically China has to support Iran due to the oil dependency of China to Iran. The entire EU embargo on oil was in vain, due to the fact that Iran is a part of the post Soviet bloque and not the western bloque.

Now before the bullets start flying over the Hormuz, the arabs and the persian start to deal blows, before Russia and America start the feud again, please consider the implications of another war.

Here is what happened between Rome and Phoenicia.

Rome and Phoenicia were both two magnificent world powers in their days. Today Rome is still the foundation under the Western world, but by a few strokes of luck in battle it could have been the Phoenician civilisation that would have had the honour.

The competition was, at first relatively sober, skirmishes here and there, there were no real animosity between the two world powers, they just happened to compete over the same territory. But things started to change after Hannibal crossed the Alps with his famed war elephants and his skirmishers of Nubian descent. Black as the night, swift as the wind.

Hannibal fought valiantly against Rome, battle after battle, fight after fight, the romans started to be really frightened, and started to hate Hannibal Barça. The Romans rallied in the face of the deadly foe, and against all odds he managed to launch a counterattack on Phoenician land by Scipio Africanus. This made the merchants of Cartago terrified. They were not used to war in their own lands, and totally unprepared of the violence and the death of the valiant but brutal Scipio totally, put the Phoenicians in panic.

Meanwhile the animosity and the hate of the Phoenicians grew stronger and stronger.

Hannibal desperately needed resupply from motherland, but was not helped, and in the end he had to flee back to Cartago to lead the last stand of the Phoenicians against the Roman threat. He lost, not because of bad planning, but because of the softness and the unwillingness to fight, not of him but of his fellowmen.

After the loss, Cartago was eradicated and all of Phoenician culture was systematically removed from all places the Romans could put their hands on. The hate and the sheer fright was so deep, that feeling of tenderness and love was nonexistent.

This is what a world war does to opponents. The depth of the hate, the angryness, the fight will bring all the worst feelings of man to forefront. Already the process has begun, by the rape of Northern Europe, by the killings done by servants of Ahmadinejad around the world. This hate will deepen, and it will divide the world into two factions. What we are not seeing is the positioning before the war, and the game is all about Russia, where will she put her lot? I hope with the league of democracies, but we are still not sure about the outcome.

Now, as a democratic, human philosopher, I would not do my job if I spurred people to do war, I do not. War is in its consequence unbearable, but I will also put my lot on a side, as we all do, all of us, each and every person on the earth.

According to Thucydides, the classic greek historian; the divisions of war was not the divisions between the fighting men, but the divisions between friends, family and social society at large. We will lose our sisters our friends and on and on it will go.

Now, there is still time to regroup and stop the oncoming war, it would be the best. If not, we should be prepared on a long and brutal war that will dwarf the first and second world war into nothing, it will be doomsday, the reckoning, and are we prepared to be reckoned with? Some are, most are not, but they will be.

I hope the best, but fear the worst.

G-d bless the peace we are loosing, and the peace we might win

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