We want to make peace

We are heading for another power show down, unfortunately a show down along cold war lines, it is not good enough. We should, seriously leave the cold war power alignments, and redo the alignments according to the political and economical lines of the 21 century.

There is a democratic league that opposes a post soviet international network, we are not anymore democracy against communism, it has changed.

What has also changed is the room of maneuverability we have. We cannot anymore just throw bombs and murder our populations. It is not working in these times, people will know and most will care.

Look at it from the perspective of the iranian people; the are suffering and want to be free. Look at it from the perspective of the american people, they also just want freedom and an amount of security in terms of jobs and health. Look at it from the perspective of the russian people, they want the same. We all want the same, and neither Islamism or I am sorry Russia, communism will give us that. Only the pillars constructed in halls of Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar; democracy will bring us the peace prosperity we need.

So, I know russians feel neglected and feel their power shrinking, but instead of feeling neglected, they could join the club. Join the democratic club. If they do, and I am sure they will at one point, at least when Ahmadinejad starts murdering in Europe, Russians will help, I am sure. But untill that, please reconsider, do not waste your prestige in a futile protection of a failed state.

There is no deceit in these words, we do not want to cheat the Russians, we want to make peace.

G-d bless the peace we strife for and are yet so far from

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