Now, do not be so full of worry regarding the American election, there is a long way to go yet, and it has just started. You need to prepare, seriously, diligently. Build your armour, reconnect to your friends, be a hedgehog not a fox. You need to move now, do not remain in the same spot, but move from project to project, from ideological battle to ideological battle.

First of all; you need to build yourself a theater in the sense, that you need to use your oratorical skills to reach out to the American who are worried day by day.

Now how do you do that; you do it by setting up a scene where you can talk. As the Republicans tour around the country firing off magnificent speeches, you have to do the same; fire up your voters. I may be something new, but in these days, the creative and the ones with new ideas are the ones who win.

Think about it this way; most voters have an internet connection, those who do not, usually have access to the internet. What do they do now? They look at you tube videos of the speeches done by the Republican candidates. Now, you need to be in the contest already now, or the have gained an edge on you already.

Then what they do right now is to connect the different parts of the party; Ron Paul is connecting with Mitt Romney. So they are not dividing they are connecting. You have to do the same.

There is one person you would love to have on your side; Bill Clinton. Why? Because he has the skills you need right now. What is your problem? They will try all they can to batter you down, come hell come high noon. There is one person who has turned all that antagonism against him around, and that is Bill Clinton. Add to this that he represents a part of the liberal constituency that you need support from, a public endorsement and reconnection to the Clinton’s would give you a good start.

Now, then there is tactics. Seriously, you have all the right arguments to base your election fight on; you have turned the economy around, made a turn around in terms of American prestige in the world, created lots of jobs. This in done in a stark opposition by the Republicans. Tell them, that it is a matter of utmost importance you have the opportunity to see these changes be realized. They will listen and understand.

The thing is; you have stroken a balance between freedom and responsibility, most important in relation to trade. You still allow free trade, but you give the ones who are responsible to America and extra bonus. That is striking a balance. But also in war, you have made war in Libya, but redrawn the troops from Iraq. Making peace most places you have had your hands.

So instead of going to the extremes, you are finding a nice middle way.

Now, I cannot help you without helping the Republicans either. I may sound weird, because they probably do not know my existence. But, to be fair to all, I must extent my help to them I they want. Coming from the outside, it is also a bit problematic to influence American politics too much, after all I am only a Dane in a far away country. But, you are my friend, and I keep my faith in my friends. 🙂

Anyway, be prudent, do not take their disregard too serious. And, if you can, land a few blows to them. Take Romney, he can be criticized by the fact that he has no serious knowledge on how to run a state, and a state is not the same as a hedge fund. If he started to run America as a hedge fund, everything would be going down for real, a state is a very complex system, it has to be run with the knowledge of the mechanisms of the state, not as a business.

But, be serious, brave and kind. That will suit you, and people will like that.

G-d bless America

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