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It is time to reconsider, the ruse of Ahmadinejad is removed from the Hormuz strait to the more potent threat of the atomic bomb. To walk into that ruse is to be puppeteered by a man of superior intelligence than yourself. So, as a jew, my angle would be; do not take the bait.

Why do Iran try to make atomic bombs? It does it to make chaos. Yes there is a feud going on between Ahmadinejad and the prime clerical powers of the iranian senate, but we should not take it too serious, it is all a part of a game.

What is the end result of the game? World dominance of Iran. We should understand, that it is not just regional power, but world power. How do you get world power? By manipulating people around you, as they do in Iran.

So, honestly, would it make a difference if we attack now or in half a year? Yes it would make a great difference. Syria would be closer to a peaceful solution, the alliances of Ahmadinejad would be weakened, and in that situation, he would be much harder pressed in terms of power over allies.

So it would be stupid to attack now when the democratization, not the forced democratization, but the free and independent choice of the people of Middle east to come back to their roots is under way.

Now, why was Israel build? To be a Goliath or to be a peaceful voice in the cacophony of warmongering tribes of the fertile crescent? I say the latter. Off cause we would not be fooled or naïve, but we should always strive to be the helping part not the aggressive part.

Then many think that the democratization of the Middle East is in vain. And it cannot be done, well who can make the democratization work in the Middle East? The US, yes, the US can do a lot, but is still so much in lack of resources, and is hard pressed. The French, no they do not have the will, even though some of its best thinkers are heading our way. Denmark? No, it is too small.

There is only one country that can truly share its wealth, be that beacon of humanism, enlightenment, solidarity, kindness, and love. That country is called Israel.

It is time to stop the insolation, the fear and the outright arrogance of some, I am sorry to say. And start helping the countries that are grasping for a better future. It is the destiny of Israel, and it is the only serious solution to any Zionist ideology I have come by.

Stop the warmongering, stop the cry for battle. I know how it is to be persecuted, I know how it is to be hated by my fellowmen, but seriously, it should not take us away from our faith to be antagonized. We should continue the strive for a better world, and we are in a position where we can actually do something about it, fulfill the dream.

Do not, please do not waver in this crucial hour. Be what we are supposed to be; honest, kind and helpful to the friends and neighbours around us. Yes, they will turn us down, yes they will spit in our faces, yes they will call us evil and scheming, but if we are stubborn and serious about our crusade. Not the physical crusade, but the spiritual crusade, we can change the face of the earth, into something better not worse.

Be what we are supposed to be; nice, loving, serious, humble, helping and loving.

G-d bless the Zionist dream.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    February 12th, 2012 at 09:29 | #1

    I am sorry to say, but I will have to distance myself from your Zionist philosophy. I find it incompatible with my truth and spirituality.

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