American election

Well, elections are approaching, and we need to prepare. There are different schemes to topple your candidacy. First of all, they are going for your throat, and they feel they have a fair chance in winning, due to the lack of support you are now facing by the media.

The media had hoped for a total salvation, they only did get half. They are a little disappointed because you only made half of the world safe, and not made everybody have a job. I is an irrational thing, but that is how the public opinion work, one day it is your side, the other it is not.

But you need to work them around, and face your opponents.

As I can deduce from the American media, Newt Gingrich will win the candidacy of the Republicans. This is not a great opponent, if you know how he is thinking, he has a lot of problems in his own character that makes him both weak and strong.

Ok, so he is the typical “I did not have any attention from the girls, therefore I fight” type.

He will fight, and fight and fight with all his might going down, as Ahmadinejad guns blazing. The point is, he is a very strategic opponent, he will go for your weaknesses, and he will try to show strength.

That is a brilliant strategy if your country is in a moral crisis, people will be attracted by the “strong man”.

So he will try to beat you in a contest of will and intelligence.

Therefor, I would advice you to, already now plan a counterattack on him. Check out his weak points, prepare yourself for all the possible attacks he might have, have a counter move, think your oral presentations through. It is all matter of rhetorics.

He will argue, you will counterargue, he will argue, and you will beat him, with your usual grace on his own home turf; war.
Now, seen objectively we are quite ok; economy is slowly turning around due to the tax reform we made, the international war is really going very well, so basically we are ok.

But, the media will try their best on everything else than the basic things of the state, and discuss this and that minor problem within the inner workings of the senate.

We need to take a new approach and try to guide the media in a new direction. Tell them all the things we have discussed, how you see the economy turning around, the international picture of threat. Be honest with them, tell them we are moving, but we are not there yet, and we need some time to get there, because it is a long haul. You have the evidence to show for your success. It is obvious, and tell them to imagine the future where all these things that you have implemented and more will work; more money to work for the American people, security, happiness, freedom, justice and love.

Tell them that you are on your way, and you will save them, but you need a little more time.

A good way to prepare the fighting with Gingrich is by setting up a rhetoric arena with combattants you fight. Give yourself the opportunity to prepare the battles in a training ground you define yourself. Find excellent orators, and give yourself a lot of mock battles, tell them to give their best (and make it private when you lose), off cause. 🙂

And, then, come to me here in my small apartment, drink a cup of coffee. It is an invitation of an oracle, who would turn that down? My mailadress is in the side of the blog, you are welcome 🙂

G-d bless.

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