To be on the good side

The people of Iran are slowly waking up to the sincere reality, that help might soon be on its way. It has been a long walk in the shadow of the Mullahs. They have been persecuting, stripping the Iranian of their freedom, tyrannising the hapless people who has a strong and sincere ideological strife to do good, think good and act good.

Well, Ahmadinejad is not to be fooled, he will imprison all the Iranians along with the rest of the people of the world in his foul schemes, and stupid ideas about the world domination of shia Islam and the return of the twelfth imam.

Have we seen the smallest glimpse of an imam with the potential to rule the world? No, and he will not appear, and if he does, the only way he can rule the world is by bloodshed and slavery. Who wants that world to be the one we all life in? Nobody but Ahmadinejad and his foul minions wherever they are.

So far the jews have respected the wish of the iranian people and not bombed. This is done in the hope that the Iranians will rise up themselves and throw off the dictator. This process was succesful in Libya, and we are hoping for a process in Syria as well, with the sincere respect for the Russians and their interests. So it is a little difficult, but soon we might be able to topple Ahmadinejad.

It will not be easy, and honestly, he will go down guns blazing, and do everything he can to foul the process. But it is possible to find a peaceful solution.

Now, be careful, show your emerging support, start to organize in the small, be prudent, and be prepared.

Love to you all 🙂

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