Freedom we fight for

We are heading for a confrontation; Ahmadinejad is slowly loosing his allies, and he is getting a little worried. He still has a major power in the underground forces that he controls in the West.

We need to confront these troops of horror. They are still under cover in all the ghettos around the European cities and harbours. They are waiting in the dark in the US, in Indonesia, in Ghana everywhere his network of proxies reach.

We need to confront them, to show the world they are there, and we are prepared. The more we confront them, in a peaceful way they more we will focus the attention of the public on the threat.

There are many issues in the media right now. What they focus on is the betrayal of the European democratic ideals that is ongoing, in the open, applauded by all these inconsequent traitors. It is called the European treaty of monetary union. Giving them the attention would only give them political capital and motivate them more to betray the people of Europe.

We need to give the public something else to think about; Ahmadinejad and his foul troops of deceit, as they are everywhere; in the cities mostly, preparing and scheming.

Prepare the banners, sharpen your minds, collect the brethren, stop the inner fighting, make new demonstrations, and start to shout.

Shout for your freedom, shout for your liberty, shout for your democratic rights to be respected. Show the world the vile face of Ahmadinejads collaborators and evil kin.

Stand up for democracy and law, show them that you are not to be trifled with.

Gather in huge crowds, there is a protection in numbers.

Instead of the many small demonstrations, try to make few large ones, I will try to keep your energy at the max, and guide the best I can.

It is now, we are heading for a confrontation, and let us be the dominant force of ideology people look for, let it be democracy people choose in opposition to the vile hordes of islamistic supporters of Ahmadinejad.

Then some will ask; What about the kings and the queens? Well, there is the fact, that a democracy is a complex system that, ideally combines the three governmental forms; aristocracy, kingdom and democracy. It is a matter of balance, and the will of the people should be anchored by the will of the king or queen. It is a matter of balancing it all.

So, seen from at traditional platonic perspective, the royal house is not an antagonist to democracy, it is a founding part of it.

So we are fighting alongside the king and his troops, as the house of the king is a part of democracy here in Europe.

Be careful, plan ahead, and be serious. It is dangerous, and we need the troops and the men to be safe.

G-d bless.

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