United we stand divided we fall

The defense of Northern Europe is slowly building up, the leagues, the other freethinking individuals who gather to defend their homelands.

My message is quite clear, as I see it. The great weakness we have is that we are too fragmented. We need to adhere to a single banner. That banner is freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of mind, and freedom of soul.

Now I know there are different groups with different interests, we do not have to be all on same organizational page, it is ok. But the amount of inner competing will weaken us in the face of the enemy.

We should all respect each other, and not try to control or guide any in the right direction, it is of a very serious importance, that we stop the inner fighting and focus on the enemy.

Together we stand, divided we fall.

My role in this situation, is, as I see it, a role of neutrality. I support all who are willing to sacrifice themselves for their country and the people, and I try to not get into a specific group. In the long run, this will be the only course I can take, and I hope we can all respect that.

So I put my trust in you, reduce the competition internally as much as possible, and focus on the enemy.

The war can come very soon, the Middle East is all in turmoil, and it could spread to Europe faster that we can imagine. So we need to prepare ourselves, both mentally and physically.

We have to respect the law, as it is what we are fighting for, but we also have to realize that when war comes, chaos will come, and we will be some of the defense of the West. We are not alone, and we will prevail, but we are bound to meet a lot of resistance in the chaos of war.

G-d bless you all, and hopefully we will bring peace

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