To realize a solution to the Syrian situation is extremely complex; there are numerous interests involved in the confrontation, and all should realize their own potential share of the land.

First we have the Alawi, the Alawi are a indigenous group of people sharing a sort of mystic version of Islam. They are not directly connected to the Sunnis, and are oppressing the Sunnis right now, due to the angst of the repercussions that the Sunnis will do, when they come to power.

The positive thing about the Alawis is the fact that they are actually, through the original Baath ideology close to at democratic ideology in the first place. This has however soured over the decades, and is now not democratic in a modern sense. Since repression of another people within ones jurisdiction, is not in line with the ideals of Herder that Baath alawism is originally founded upon.

But the ideology is perfectly sound if it found the right frame.

On the other side we have the arabs and their quest for dominance. We should not fool ourselves. They are not democratic in their ideology, at least not if we look at the names of the militia, they refer to muslim heroes of yore; Saladin and so on. They may be democratic, but we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility that they are not.

It seems more likely that they are backed by the Sunni Islamitic forces out of Saud i arabia and the other Arabian countries close by.

So, if we hand the power to the Sunnis, we would not gain democracy, but the opposite, and we could potentially risk a genocide of the Alawis. That would be an unethical course for us.

We have a hope in Turkey, Turkey might do it, but we would run a major risk putting all trust to a turkish endeavour.

My proposal is to do something radically different, and perhaps a solution that would bring peace to both Sunni and Alawi. On top of this it could give Russia the respite it needs in Russia’s problematic support of a tyrannical regime.

It would be to cut the land Syria into two. One for the Sunni and one for the Alawi.

This solution was used after Britain left India, and it still works in India/Pakistan. In India the English divided a part of the land for the muslims and a part of the land for the hindu. The transformation process was very difficult, but now the peace is not perfect, but it is not that bad.

So a similar process could be an idea in the Syrian conflict. The difficult part would of cause be how to divide the land in an absolute just system. That we would have to discuss, and it could be a process that could draw out sometime, but it could be done.

This could be bring peace to Syria, and rest to the battered souls there.

G-d bless the peace and bring it to the homes of the Syrian people on both sides.

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