Strategic considerations

Looking forward, some things are going very well, other things are not really heading our way.

First of all, we have done all we could to prepare for the war in the Middle East. We have now a sound cooperation between all the parties behind the West; America, Israel, France, England and a lot of smaller but significant countries.

When we enter the war, it will, on the offensive side be in a great advantage.

The enemy is hard pressed, and start off in the defensive, Russia will switch side when the atrocities of Europe by the minions of Ahmadinejad is conducted. But for now, the support the iranian alliance.

The contact with the Russians is not cold, but for now we have to realize that the Russians do not trust us 100%, that is fair enough, we should respect that, and hope they will change their minds.

Then Europe.

This is a message to the european forces opposed to Ahmadinejad.

Beware, we are highly infiltrated on all levels of society, and we will, in the beginning of the war suffer great setbacks.

The enemy is very well equipped in terms of food, weapons and their infrastructure is well-built.

In Denmark/Sweden, they have the advantage of a split security system without borders, another stroke of “genius” of our politicians. In southern Sweden; Malmø the Hezbollah and Hamas fighters are very strongly represented, and has built up a very fierce army of mostly irregulars. They feed on drug trade, and steal whatever they can. Combined with the forces of Copenhagen, it is a serious threat. In the beginning of the war, control of the borders and bridges is therefore paramount, we need to man the controlposts to cut off the supply lines between Malmø and Copenhagen, they will fight fiercely to have the control of the bridges, so we need to prepare.

Looking at the strategies that muslims have conducted in the past, one might prepare for some of them. In India, they used more or less the same strategy as they do in northern Europe. They build bridgeheads, and expanded the bridgeheads into permanent territory of control.

In Denmark the bridgeheads, also called ghettos, are mostly situated in the large cities; Odense, Århus and Copenhagen. They will probably try to enlarge their territories, or attack from the bridgeheads into neighboring territory, to put fear in the enemy (us), and try to gain more resources and prisoners.

The enemy is, in an islamistic viewpoint all who do not believe in Islam, so it is the civilian citizenry.

They will be, initially, hard-pressed by Teheran to do some action, because Ahmadinejad will need them to draw troops from the Middle East, so they will probably go on a killing spree, to get attention.

Therefor, it is of an extreme importance to monitor the developments of the bridgeheads, to counter any attack on the local citizenry.

The disruption of the society will however happen quite fast if we are not careful. It would involve a serious breakdown of communication, transport, large crowds of refugees fleeing the war action. These situations should be prepared for already now, and emergency units should be on standby. Medical facilities should be alerted, and food and medicine should be hoarded by all.

Some of the free fighters should already now consider the implication of action, make initial strategical planning, and try to reach for other parts of the defense, to try not to ruin the initiative for friends.

In the beginning it will be total chaos, by it is very important to keep a cool head, and plan and work methodically and serious.

What is of an extreme importance is to choose our fights, the more we are dispersed and fight internally the more we are at the mercy of the Islamists.

So, socialist might join the Islamist in the beginning, but in terms of fighting power they have no real force, so we should try not to fight them, but fight the Islamists.

So, how do we do that?

First of all; they will try to put terror in us, and destroy our infrastructure. We should act on that, and instead of only defending ourselves, we should attack their infrastructure. What is the infrastructure of the Islamists?

It is the mosques. The mosques are the rallying point and gunchamber. So we need to attack them in order to destroy their infrastructure.

The embassy of Iran, will also be a target.

So, do some planning, reconnoiter the mosques, plan possible attacks, and think about resources.

In the beginning the socialist media will probably try to ignore the attack, and use its forces to cushion the blow. But since the socialists are living in the vicinity of the Islamists, they will be attacked as well, and hopefully change sides.

In fact, socialists are the main target of the Islamists, since they live close to the Islamist. It will be, in an absurd twist of karmic justice, the socialists who will pay in blood for their allegiance with the Islamists.

So, saddle your horses, all men on deck, it is now not a matter of if we will have a war with the minions of Ahmadinejad, but when.

G-d bless you, and stay alert and vigilant.

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