The next step in the middle east

Times are changing in the Middle east, the peace between the West and Iran has finally emerged as a possibility. It seems, that Iran has backed down on its nuclear development, and is finally igniting an serious discussion to hopefully end the long stand-off against the western coalition. It is a bit like the cuban crisis where the Soviet Union changed their minds in the final hour of confrontation. It is one of those moments.

And it is a moment to celebrate. If we succeeded in bringing peace to the Middle east though diplomatic means and economical pressure, it is a victory for rational thought and diplomacy backed by serious military capabilities. The United States of America together with Israel and the other noble allies have prevailed. A new dawn will hopefully descent upon the tired brows of the middle eastern population. Shalom we say in hebrew, it means peace.

This brings Israel a much wanted space of rebuilding and spiritual development. If we can simply start from scratch and rebuild the state, the military, the spiritual core, we will, for future generations have created a safe haven of peace. The time is now, build Israel, build. Heal the wounds, give time for family reunions, let the rabbis preach at the wall for a redemption. We are closer than we have ever been before. Some years and we are there, if all goes right.

The future of Israel is much more bright and fulfilling that we might realize right now so soon after the traumatic attack in Toulouse. But think about it this way; There is an ongoing feud between the Sunnis and the Shia. There is a tremendous need for a peaceful voice to rebuild the connections between the warring parties. Let them have a neutral and peaceful partner in the middle; Israel.

What is it that the Middle East longs for; a renaissance a recognition of all the heritage that is rightfully theirs. We know that most of the ideas and basis of the Western culture is created in the Middle East, but nobody do recognize this. Israel is the tool of that renaissance. Israel has the spiritual, intellectual, material resources to help the entire region to prosper.

This dream is the dream the Middle East should start to live with. To refind the glory of Cyrus, the pharaohs, the bedouins, the Phoenicians, the Armenians, the Babylonians, the Eleans. These items of great worth should be reinvented and reunderstood to help the world prosper.

This is the true ideal of Zionism, and I hope the Middle east will accept the help offered.

G-d bless Israel.


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