To understand the depth of the northern european crisis, one has to understand the roots of the crisis. Let us have a look on that.

Where do all the problems we face today stem from?


First, let us take the manipulation of the enemies.

The initial enemy was the Soviet Union. It infiltrated and manipulated the West for many many years. Originally the soviets saw the western conspirators as friends in the process of uniting all the workers of the world, but over time, especially when the Soviets were dying, all ethics was thrown overboard, and destruction and disintegration of the enemies of the Soviets were the agenda.

This lead to wholesale infiltration of government, media, culture and academia.

Take Denmark. In the seventies we had an initiation of what we call a “welthfarestate”. The weird word an acronym for a soviet style state. In the Soviet Union the state basically controlled everything from cradle to grave. The media and the secret police were two main ingredients in the make over of society. The state controlled media used sophisticated methods to control the masses. One example was by repeating a simple word. This simple technique was invented by Goebbels and reused by the Soviets. (They taught it to the Iranians who still use it, the word “Islamophobia” in an example).

The infiltration of the society was however very deep. The academic institutions were replaced with personnel loyal to the soviets (they still linger in most places), the people of culture were all schooled in the right attitude (they still linger). One example was the band “Red Mother”, who repeated numerous Soviet ideological principles. It was all a scam, and the hapless but opportunistic singers and theatre players were happy to follow the “great leader” in the east.

Now if the soviets really wanted to create a better and more humanistic world, it could have made sense, but ever since the spanish civil war the ideals of Lenin and Trotsky was abandoned, and it was all about raw power. The KGB was evil personified.

One of the main projects of the soviet spooks was to simply destroy the societies from within; destroy the loyalty, the family values, the patriotism, all the virtues that will bring a nation together. And they did succeed very well.

Another project to destabilize the european nations was to plant a time bomb in the countries. According to one of the underground groups in Denmark, the soviets used UN to plant enemies of the West in the West by calling them “refugees”, that could be an explanation why all the enemies; Sudanese, Moroccan, Palestinians were planted in the West (they still linger).

So a whole score of the problems we still face today it due to infiltration of the soviets, and the solution is of cause simple; we need to counter the moves the best we can, in the most civil and humane way. Some solutions will seem difficult, but needless to say, necessary.


Then combined with the soviet enemy we have had, and still have another enemy; the Islamists. There are several factions of the Islamists. Basically there are two dominating forces; Sunni and Shia.

Now it gets a little complicated. Why? Because we are, in the Middle East, allied with the one faction and enemies with the other faction. We are allied with the sunnies (Saudi arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and many others), and enemies with the Shias (Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas).


Well, in a rational world the Sunni faction would have supported us, but there is little reason to the word of Mohammad. He basically states that all who are not muslim are enemies, and it is your holy duty to conquer them. So while the Saudi Arabians (and other kingdoms) supported the West in the Middle East, they tried to infiltrate the West by organizations such as CAIR. In Denmark we call it “talking with two tongues” a very speciality of the arab kingdoms. The pace with what the CAIR organizations have pursued their dark path has slowed somewhat after the conflict in Syria, because they realized that their double talking schemes were busted, and they realized that to have a helping hand in Syria, they needed to stop the open disregard for their allies. I have supported this tactic, and in time we hope the arabs will learn to contribute to the international community instead of all the double talk and scheming.

Now, we were also on the path of double talk and scheming, so all is to blame, but we need to change the game and head for a more just and transparent world in order to reach spirit. I believe all parties believe in this and hopefully will pursue that goal in the long run, the goal of peace and prosperity for all.

The story of the arab kingdoms is much longer, so to not lose your attention, please follow me into the other camp; the Persians.


The Persians are a crafty and intelligent people, but they have been under the thumb of the ayatollahs, and especially the vile and scheming Ahmadinejad. The Iranians have learned the dark crafts of counterintelligence from the soviets. Iran has been a long term ally of the soviets, all the way back to the incubation of the iranian islamic republic.

So all the tools in the infiltration tool box was carried on to the Iranians; infiltration of media, culture, academic institutions and so on. What happened was basically that when the soviets stopped their infiltration because they found a more humane and democratic path, the Iranians (and other islamic organizations) took over.

So they have been busy infiltrating what they could. I do not know how other countries fare in music, but here in Denmark we are so lucky as to have a pop singer called Medina and a Danish reggae singer being best friends with Jamal, not to mention the numerous other semiislamic collaborations. It might be a little laughable to have a Danish pop singer named after the second most important islamic city, but we here in Denmark are living with the horror.

The infiltration of academia has been a little less successful, but media has been tremendously successful. Again here in Denmark the leading media as the daily Politiken and the state funded television and radio have engrossed themselves in islamic propaganda of the most vile sort. The youth radio channel “P3”, is one prayer minaret, state funded and reaching all the youth of Denmark. In this regard I think we are way ahead of other european countries but at the other hand, who knows, it seems the infiltration strategy has worked quite well in other countries as well.

Internal treaths

Now let us leave the external threats and focus on the internal threats.

Where should we blame ourselves? Well that is a bit more complicated, but nevertheless an important exercise to do to regain the ground we have lost.

First of all, the moral corruption of the West is beyond belief. The many years of relative peace combined with lavish wealthfare states have made us incompetent and lazy. All we wish to do is turn on the television and drink another beer. Few are ready to fight for their loved ones or support the local hero in his fight for justice and love. We are fat, in a bad shape and scared.

We need to whip some backbone into the young people again. They should get up in the morning, do their homework, be disciplined and fight for a better world with their elders. We need to stop bickering around, and start fighting. This should be done not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today. Our kids should have real consequences for what they do and do not do, we should not shelter them too much, but of cause still watch out for them. It is a balance.

However, the disgusting example of the western man with a curved back and a excusing manner, should be disregarded and shied. We need to stand our ground, look the enemy in the eyes and tell the truth for all who care to hear. The days of cowardy is over.

It might seem a little brutal to all the feminist, weak, and impotent men, but never mind, we were men before we were infiltrated with all the nonsense, we can be men again.

This does not include disregarding our beautiful comrades called women, it should include the defense of our women, as we are paying our respects by being the heirs to a strong and willful family tradition. We are men, and we are also soft at heart when we find the right one to share our life with.

So, these are some of the reasons why we are in danger. I will try to follow the issues further in coming essays.

G-d bless you all.

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