New ideas for Northern Europe

There is a lot of pressure on the heads of those who try to counter the strategy of the Islamists. We are threatened, we are under surveillance, we are even under the threat of infiltration of different political parties of the socialist. All these confrontations and challenges we have to counter and make fall away. We should be honest to ourselves, it will be a hell of a project to reach the final goal; a serious and peaceful nation serving the people of Northern Europe. We have internal enemies, we have external enemies, we have the family to think about, we have our kids to think about, in all this we have to fight for the right cause to prosper and win.

It can be done, but we should not fool ourselves, it will be extremely difficult. My own life is an example. My family has turned its back on me, but they are coming back. My life was a living hell with the secret police trying behind the scenes to control my life, now I control it myself. It can be done, if you just keep focused and rely on your true friends. They are there, support them as they support you. Together, with the combined forces, spiritual as well as physical we will prevail.

Already some victories are ours, as well as some defeats. That is the way it is with confrontation, you lose some and you win some. If you want fight, you have to accept this premise. That is ok, as long as we win the war.

Looking back in time, there are several examples we can draw experience from. One of the examples is the fight between Rome and Phoenicia. The Phoenician general Hannibal won all the battles, but the Romans won the war. Why? Because they had stamina. They just went and on and on. This is a lesson we could use. We should be honest to ourselves. We are in this for the long haul. Yes new enemies are rising in the horizon, China is one of them. But the confrontation with the Islamists are far from over. Yes we have had a victory in the ongoing feud with Iran, but they are far from beaten. Still they manage to whip up plenty of support for their cause. This fight will continue for a long time.

Now. Here are some ideas to use in the confrontation.

First of all, what is really important is to strategize in a multilevel plan. There are several battles to be fought in one. There is a battle in the media, there is a battle on the ground, there is a battle in culture, there is a battle in politics and there is a battle in the academic institutions.

To win, we have to think all these layers of society into one idea. Our enemies do it, so we have to do it.

Practically it means one thing; organization. I repeat; organization. We need to reach the artists, the politicians, the academics, the journalists who are engaged to support our cause. We need to do it in a professional and honest way. We are the goods guys, so we need to act as that. This means we have to set up an organizational unit that will lead the battle ahead. I have an idea, it could work and actually it is English.

When we had a blooming time in England just after it found its own identity as English and not Westdanes, there was a time of great beauty and progress. In these days it is a time of myth and stories. That time was the time of King Arthur and his knights.

It may sound a little funny to hark back to the time of story, but there is one good idea of that time we could use today. The idea of the round table. Here the nights sat, all equal. No one were above the other.

This idea could serve us now. Let us meet, across country, social status, background and economic status, as equals around the same round table.

The table should be modern table, all internet and social media interaction. But the ancient idea of noble men meeting each other as champions of the right cause as equals, is worth reliving today.

G-d bless England

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