There is a lot pressure on Israel these days. Yes, we did succeed to counter the immediate threats of nuclear armament. But the mullahs are still trying to whip up support for their cause. They do it, usual islamic way; by evil means, subterfuge, lies and threats.

First of all; the coming parade from somewhere to Israel, is a demonstration to help Iran’s stance in the world. It helped quite a bit when the Marvi Mamara flotilla was planned and executed, and they put high hopes on the next demonstration.

They however made one mistake, that will ruin it all for them when the world hears about it; they forced jews living in Iran, to be a vanguard of the demonstration. Why? To humiliate and provoke Israel. Why is this a mistake? Because the opinion of the world has changed quite a bit in the last three – four months. Especially after the Toulouse attack. All the lies about how jews fare in the world are now less listened to, and we are in a much better situation to deal with the demonstration.

What should we do? Show mercy. Tell all about the lies, show the world that they are lies, and let the demonstration pass. We should let them do all they wish to do. If they want to show up in great numbers, well let them. Our good deeds and honourable conduct will show the world, that we are not what they claim we are. We should send emissaries, let them hear the claims of the demonstration, send ambassadors, send newspaper men, send all we have to listen to their claims. If some of the claims they have makes sense, we should do our best to remedy the critical stance, if not, we will tell the world, that there is no basis of the accusation.

Let us all just pray for peace, and life in an honourable manner to meet people as friends.

G-d bless Israel.

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