New dawn



In the upcoming EDL/SIAD meeting a lot discussion will hopefully take place. It should be more than just a physical manifestation, it should also be a chance to exchange ideas and hopefully plan for the future.

Here are some of the experience we have had here in Denmark concerning antiislamist/political discussion and work.

First of all; it is a very difficult job. Not only do we meet a fierce opposition from different islamic organizations, but basically the most difficult opposition is the state. I have been in a courtroom twice, due to an interview I did with another leading opponent to Islam, there is the secret police, the state-owned media, the friends and family all in all, to work against the system is both expensive and time-consuming.

The rewards are few. The best reward lies in the knowledge that you can keep your back straight and your head high, but compared to cost it does not really make sense. I suppose that is the strange thing about avant-garde, it is fun in a way, but the stakes are high.

The political life has a strange “piggy back” relationship to the leading ideologists. Some of them are truly grateful, and try to help you as much as they can, others just take what they can use and keep quit about the help they get.

Politicians are a crafty lot, and some of them are truly serious and competent leaders, others are just vain and corrupt. The best, as the president of the United States Mr. Barack Obama and the leader of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu are very intelligent, warm at heart and both fighting in an extremely difficult environment, just as we are. A foot wrong and the entire nation will fall apart. I have done my best to support them, as I see them as friends.

Then there is types as the current Prime minister of Denmark, 100% corrupt. She does only as she is told, and there is absolutely no heart behind the mask. Maybe there is a heart, but it is never listened to.

So, as we are, politicians live in a world where they are both powerful and idealistic. Most of the leading politicians started their career, as a young person with dreams to change the world into something better. As years have gone by, their room for maneuverability have diminished, and the mere fight in the political life, have worn them down. But the idealism is still there. And they remember when they were young and fought for a better world. This is why they like us, because they recognize themselves as a younger person, who did not have to make as many compromises, as they have to. So they get inspired and their hearts beat faster, due to the fact that they are able to dream a little again with us; the younger generation.

This is why we have to keep the ethical banner high. As soon as we are corrupted by power, we will lose the ability to inspire the political life.

The antiislamic/liberal camp started in Denmark forty years ago with a genius called Glistrup. Glistrup was one of the brightest persons in his generation, but due to simple patriotism he threw all his promise away, he is a bit like Enoch Powell in Great Britain.

In the beginning he had a tremendous success, but was caught up in his own success because he could not control the political party he had created. Add to this a very hostile media, and he had his life ruined. The bastards even threw him in jail for several years, that was actually where he realized the threat of Islam. He said; the muslims are here to kill us. And he was crucified publicly. But, in many ways, he was right.

Now, the solution to the problem was quite simple; direct and strong control of the political apparatus. His successor, Ms. Pia Kjærsgaard managed to create a very top down organization that has held ever since.

It worked for many years, but the party has slowly succumbed to the usual political corruption, that is so widespread in the current political environment. Many of the leading critical voices have either been send away or have stopped due to old age. The sharpness and rebelliousness has been diminished, and many voter are very disappointed and seek for an alternative. It will come if DPP does not change its course of corruption.

Now, I am one of the new generation, and the problems I have met, along with many of my friends are as tough as the old generation. It seems to me, that the state apparatus continuously try to “normalize” us, and pull our teeth out. Well, we would not be young and rebellious if we just did what we are told, and my feeling is, that all the continuous pressure on us often have the direct opposite effect than intended. I have certainly not grown less idealistic due to all the persecution, but more.

I hope you forgive my discussion of myself, it is just examples, most in our situation know the feeling of being persecuted.

But, that is how it is with change in Europe; a lot of pressure from the state, but a tacit understanding of our role as a avantgarde of a new dawn. They accept us, because they know we are needed to change the current course, but they keep us under lid to control the forcefulness of our change.

Now, this is probably a story most who come to the meeting share. And I hope we can dig in, and create a cross border, crosspolitical superstructure to lead the way.

This should be a new dawn for Northern Europe, and perhaps even Southern Europe will follow.

Including the Northern European fight for freedom, we have the blessed company of many more, so it is world spanning movement we are starting, and maybe all the hard work will give us the simple satisfaction of peace in our time.

That is my goal, and I hope we all can share at least this premise.

G-d bless us all

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