The Leagues

We are heading for a united meeting in Århus Denmark, at this meeting up to ten different organizations meet to solve the riddle; the rebirth of christianity, the nation-state and the ongoing war on the Islamist who are here to kill us all.

Well, we have been underground for some time, and we have prevailed. As I see it, there are some victories to come. Why? Because the ideological basis we are founded on is sound and deep. It has a direct angle on Islam that breaks it at the very first look. Why? Because it is basically superior in quality and because our critique is within the frame of the modern state or nation.

We will see more battles, we will see more confrontation, but the wheels of fortune is slowly turning our way, and we will build the bright dawn of the nations, united again.

You just wait and see, and keep faith.

G-d bless those who pray and are loyal to nation and religion.

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