Strategy in the Hormuz in relation to UNHCR

I think the UNHCR stunt is just another Ahmadinejad move. Who seems to be behind it? Hamas. If Hamas has drawn strings in the UNHRC directory, and with the apparent alliance between the Ahmadinejad and Hamas, well the move is just another feint of the dark person called Ahmadinejad.

Look at it this way; Who would have an interest in diminishing the moral and the strength of Israel these days? Would it be the Arabian kingdoms who are mired in a dangerous conflict in Syria, where they need all the support they can get from the West? Or would it be Ahmadinejad who are under a heavy pressure externally and internally?

Well, the most logical answer is the latter. It is clearly in accord with the interests of Ahmadinejad to throw some sand in the machinery. But it also points to a beginning weakness in his strategy. It does not give him much more than a simple reprise. Why waste the support of Hamas in such a small reprise? because he is getting a little desperate.

Perhaps the killing of the jewish family is a move of Ahmadinejad as well. It fits the picture; France is an enemy of Iran, the jews are enemies of Iran, and Ahmadinejad has sacrificed children before in the clash with Iraq.

This is however just speculation and cannot be proved in any way, we have to wait for the police to do their job. But the pattern is there.

So, I would not worry too much about the UNHCR move. They only have the power of public opinion, and that is thoroughly swaying our way these days. So, they can crow and bicker as much as they want, it will not matter much.

What is much more important is to keep focused on the military confrontation in the Hormuz. Ahmadinejad might use the smoke screen he is putting up now in the UNHCR in a covert attack on some of our personnel there. So we just have to stay focused, and see what the Iranians will come up with in the current negotiations.

G-d bless the peace effort, and the lost jewish family.

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