Let there be peace

To try to understand the current events in the Middle East, one has to dig deep into to the collective consciousness of mankind. What happens now is the result of a unending proces from the days of Abraham to today, the proces of illumination from the metaphysical realm to the human. As an alledged Anaxagorean, the philosopher who preceded Plato and Aristotle, I believe that the realm of G-d is intelligence. People talk about vibrations as G-d, but the arguments Anaxagoras put forth are both deeper and more logical. We live with the creative part of G-d, the demiurge as the most valued reflection of G-d, but we miss what is the true core of spirituality; love.

Now some call the jews G-ds chosen people. This is only true if the jews actually folow the spirit in action. If spirit is love and creation, only through these methods will the jews truly be the chosen people of G-d, otherwise it is nothing but arrogance to be seen as something else.

I do not claim to be hundred percent jewish, my father was an arab, and my mother was a christianized jew. But I do claim the heritage of Abraham, because this inheritance is not only for the jews to carry. This gift is a gift given to all decendants of Abraham, and it would be arrogant for the jews to claim Abraham as their sole possesion. He gave us something we all need to do to be enlightened; he gave us the path to true freedom and meaning; the path of selfsacrifising love.

In the negotations between the palestinians and the jews, many tries have been done to solve the political situation between the arabs and the jews. This has come in vain, because there has been no trust, and because the corrupt tyrants of the Middle East have used the jews as an escapegoat for their own vicious actions, as always the jews were to blame for someone elses bad deeds. This is wrong.

As I see it, the arabs have misunderstood the aim of Israel, and in their own egoism they have not used the amazing gift that Israel is to the Middle East. Instead of understanding that Israel is the path, not only for the jews but also for the arabs, the arabs have fought the jews.

Now, the arabs long for the days where the Middle East were the cradle of civilisation. They remember the days of Hammurabi, Phoenicia and all the other semitic towns that gave us the civilization the world is build upon today. The arabs ask themselves; why are we so weak when we used to be strong? The answer is simple; they forgot.

There is however on semitic people that remembers all that the arabs have forgotten; the jews. The jews remember the glory of Egypt, the intellectual strength af Babylon, the systems that carry the world today, because they had to flee before the lore of the Middle East was forgotten.

Israel is a gift to the Middle East, through their memory the Middle East has the chance they want most of all; to refind the glory that it lost. To reunderstand mathematical briliance, biological depth, metaphysical amazement.

This is what the negotiations are all about; the renaessance of the Middle East, if the arabs and the jews are willing to make amends, to shake hands, to bridge that gap of mistrust, and show willingness to cooperate, to lay down weapons, the Middle East will blossom again.

The jews will bring science, money, ability and purpose, the arabs will use all their wealth to make something better and more progressive than anything seen before. Man will wander in space, and understand the most minute details of existence.

There is a long way to go. But the way is clear, it goes through the soft hearts of the jews, and the proud ethical stand of the arabs.

Let there be peace and prosperity through cooperation and mutual respect.

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    Let me comment your command or prayer with a profecy: We´ll work for peace and prosperity as soon as possible.

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