The liberal wealthfarestate

The traditional danish political party Venstre (the left), is a party with ancient roots. It all began with the amazing traditions of Grundtvig, who created the unique democratic model of Denmark. Most city dwellers have no idea about the elaborate and beautiful system of Grundtvig, all they know is their provincial cosmopolitanism. But the ruling party of Denmark know their roots very well. They are the enheritors of this system.

Now Venstre is in a bit of a danger. The party has had the power for very long, and most of the projects it started out to do are done, new projects has to be invented on the spot, to put the steam on the engine.

The opponents are scared and weak, mostly because their ideology have fallen, and the demoralization is apparent. So their turf is open for conquest. What is it that most socialist voters want the socialist to do? Create new development in the social sector. The social sector or the wealtfarestate is a socialist construction, and consequently loyal to the socialist. This gives Venstre a difficult task in regard to the development of the wealthfarestate.

But is there a solution that can use the legacy of Venstre, the theory of Grundtvig? Yes, off cause there is, Grundtvig made a system so detailed and elaborate that all important aspect of society is reflected in his ideology. We can go back and be inspired.

Grundtvig made the højskole after he returned from Oxford. In Oxford Grundtvig realized that Denmark is not so uniqe after all. Oxford is an amazing construct build upon platonic excellency and hellenic wisdom, Grundtvig realized this. He also realized that the system Oxford was made upon; Sparta, is a system worth following. Oxford is build as a polis with a spartanic basis. All students and teachers meet in the mass with every meal. Here they talk and commune. The ideals of Sparta and Plato are also in action at Oxford; freedom of speech and virtue.

Karl Marx must have been inspired by Sparta and Plato as the Oxford community; the socialist ideals are the same as the spartan; community, state controlled finance and production, and focus on state rather than family.

But there is a reflection of the spartan state that is more original in the Oxford version of spartanism than marxism, and consequently in the mass of the højskole; the community. In Sparta the community was based on interpersonal mingling, the community was of a social and human character. They worked together and fought together. In socialism, the socialists have inhereted the economic focus of Marx; it is all about money.

This is the chance of Venstre, if Venstre wants to reemerge as a political factor in politics fighting on the turf of the socialists; to put the welfarestate in a well working function, based on the original ideas of Sparta; as a human and interpersonal relationship between people. Take the ideals of the højskolekøkken, the crossclass meeting, the human relations between people, the spirit, the happiness, the singing. Make the socialist system that cares to much about money and too little about people into a real community to serve the public. Real humans to meet real humans.

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