The egyptian ideas of illumination and justice are very difficult to reach, the basic problem is the understanding of these beautiful ideas. We strive, we think, we struggle to be as they were, but we are but meagre shadows compared to the giants who built the pyramids, the amazing maze of antiquity, the lore of today. But we have the chance today, because of the internet, because of the beauty of mankind, that perhaps will reach the knowledge we have lost. We are all one they used to say, because they understood the metaphysical realm. In that realm we all are connected through the intelligence of G-d. As people we are just individualized and ourselves, the idiosyncricity, the egoism the creed of the modern man.

To span that gap between materialism and the oneness of all is so difficult because we are brought into chains by the material world. What can we do? The best answer is; education. We need to spread the word of spirit, we need to show people the knowledge we have lost in the graves of Pharao, and in the destruction of Babylon. The need to make a rebirth to all the ideas we used to take for granted.

This task is an ardourous one, it is almost impossible, one would like to think it is impossible, but it is not, because the infrastructure of a new enlightment is there; free knowledge, sufficient amount of energy and food. All we need to do is break those barriers of hate and prejudice.

We can do it, by educating, by putting those banners of democratic lore into the open, as it was when it acutally worked. The combined knowledge of mankind can be enhanced.

It will take ages, and the outcome will only be realized by the grandchildren of our grandchildren, but we can start it all.

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