The courtcase against Lars Hedegaard

To understand the implications of the courtcase of Lars Hedegaard. The interview I conducted and consequently had as an awful stalker, stalking my life, you have to understand the intellectual construct in the interview and the following consequences.

Now, the interview was a socratic interview. The theory behind the socratic interview is what lies at the basis of intellectual pursuit in most fields. To search for truth in speech. Socrates idea was, that truth cannot be found in personal intellectual pursuit only, but through dialogue. The truth is relative to the situation and the persons in the dialogue. Jürgen Habermas, an alleged socratic, takes this ideal even further, he believes, that the truth can be found only in a dialogue where everybody, the entire humanity, discuss a subject.

Now, I tried to remake the socratic interview, with Lars Hedegaard, because we need to make an renaissance, to refind the basic principles of our society again.

Freedom of speech lies as such a principle in our society, and the reason why it is so dear to us, is the fact that the socratic method can only work if we have freedom of speech. Socrates founded not only modern science, but also defined the ideals of the press through Voltaire.

Now, according to Socrates, the truth you find in speech, if you manage to find truth, will cause a lot of ridicule and agression on the truth finder. He knew this, as he was accused of manipulating with the young, and sentenced to death on this accusation.

Now, Socrates said, that they could condemn him for his truth searching, but they would miss him, if they killed him, because he was the bee that stung the great stallion called Athens. The city so beautiful, glorious in its cultured ways, but full of pride.

This is the effect of the socratic interview; humbleness.

My aim was to enlighten islam, and specifically the way women are treated within islam. This task is noble and just, because as a man, it is my priviledge and task to defend not only our society, but also women. Call it old fashioned, but I stand by that task because I find it beautiful.

Unfortunately I ran into another corruption I did not realise was there; the corruption of Lars Hedegaard. To fight for the truth you have to be strong and stubborn, Lars did not have it in him. He folded after some time of media storm. Saying he was sorry. What was there to sorry for? Telling the truth? Actually the worst part of the interview was not his answer but my question, how can he be sorry about something he had no real responsability for?

This put Lars on a path of lies. In order to cover his escuse, he tried to put up a case where he blamed the whole problem on my humble precense. He lied and lied and lied and lied. He told they jury that he did not know it was an interview. He probably told his friends he did not know about the interview. He told that I had tricked him into making the interview, that I was a cunning man, trying to harm him. Lies.

These lies were objectively put to the light in the courtcase. I, feeling as Judas, presented the documentation that we agreed upon before the interview. Why? Because, Lars did not have the moral fibre needed in a fight we are fighting. We need real heroes, not fake ones. We need the people who have the guts to stand up to tyranny to lead the fight, not craven liars.

I remember when I was first told a story about my great, great grandfather Ernst Trier, a pupil of Grundtvig, the founder of the danish højskole. After the war in 1869, when Denmark was reduced to an entity without the means to fight for itself, Grundtvig, scared by the prospect of loosing the thousand years old kingdom of north, made a plan to safe Denmark. He said that what we loose outside, we we will win inside. The folkenlightentment was commensed, a project of a grand scheme, all danes should be enlightened. Not just the rich, but all citizens of Denmark. Ernst Trier headed that calling, and he went out to the countryside of Denmark, with the aim of enlightening the people. He went from shed to shed, from farm to farm. With the torch of freedom holding in his grasping hands, trying to tell people the truth.

Now that bright torch of freedom is still here, not in the clutches of Hedegaard, he is a vain and shallow man, but in the hearts of all the people who saw through the veiled treaths, the lies and the corruption spilling from the proces we just went through. The torch is still here, the light is dimmed, and the  people who try to kindle its flames are fewer by the hour, but the light is only put out when last man falls. He cannot fall if the people holds him and her to their chest, because the light is not anymore held in regard by the rich and powerful, but in the people itself.

God bless Grundtvig.

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