Do as you preach

To be a democrat is not easy, especially these days, where strange theories are cluttering the hemisphere of the west; liberalism all in the clutches of money, conservatism with has an “international” outview, socialism with no real connection to the poor.

What can we do, to solve the crisis we are in? Well, there is a simple solution to the problem of moral corruption, that we are all emerged in; do as we preach. We want the rest of the world to show solidarity; do it youself. We want the rest of the world to be free; fight for freedom in your own country. We want justice for the Middle East, give justice to the intellectuals, to the man on the street, to the empirebuilder, to John, Margereth, Ole, Svend and Lars in your own country.

Do it yourself.

This simple remedy will take us away from the moral corruption we face, because, the problem we have, is not in everybody else in the world, it is not solely the islamist, it is when we ourselves  do not behave according to our own principles of behaviour that things go wrong.

We need more work in Denmark, the solution is simple; the work the danish companies order should be done in Denmark. We need more solidarity, well, embrace all the different political views in the parliment, start to give instead of taking. We need justice, well, make the police, the juristical system, the business contract, the personal contract in to something that is of real value.

Do as you preach in your own life.

  1. Rex D’artagnen
    May 18th, 2011 at 09:12 | #1

    How can the average person have morals or ethics? Who should have taught them? Yes, people in Denmark are highly intellectual, smart, successful, etc. but to be good, kind, loving, compassionate, caring, morally and ethical is simply not in fashion, it is clearly not in the curriculum of modern man or woman. All have been conditioned to demand strong sensations satisfaction and sensory input of all kinds for the primate flesh body they are using temporarily, as well as accepting erroneous information input without questioning. Most people don’t think individually anymore, they only regurgitate abstractly what has been absorbed by their primate brain from a similar thinking and likable individual with lagging insight and understanding as well. How can people have morals or ethics when they don’t know what they are? (And sadly they don’t). When they don’t know the purpose for living? Most live their life as if it was an accident and temporary where in the end, the light simply goes out, and that is the end of it. All without any purpose whatsoever. And if people have no purpose, why should they have morals or ethics? Why should they? They are conditioned to believe that they are smart animals by an idiot called Darwin, that tells them that they descent from the apes, so why shouldn’t they act as such? And regrettable most do. The churches, with their stupid theology and dogma made everybody in Denmark into atheists; they sadly killed God with their lies and useless teachings and traditions, one person at the time. Just see how successful they have been. Nobody in Denmark knows nothing about the spiritual life, or understands what Consciousness is, or Soul is, or goodness from the heart is. Sad isn’t it? Yes some people are curious about God, then think that they have to go to church or talk to some priest or rabbi, or read the scriptures they give them, which is dead wrong. They are the ones who killed the teachings of the creator in the first place. Search elsewhere. If you search you will find, which really says, if you don’t search you will not find. And this is how morals come about.
    Do not do to others what you don’t want others do to you Rex, Oneness of the whole, and wholeness of the one.

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    May 18th, 2011 at 17:51 | #2

    Well, it is an uphill battle, the knowledge of what we are and the depth of our consciousness are forgotten. To be honest, I do not really blame the church only, I mean, I think it is more a product of the media. The media we have had are mainly one way communication media, television and radio, these media just makes people more stupid, especially if they are in the clutches of corrupt persons. The church, at least in Denmark are not so bad, and right now the are really in a situation where they are under a lot of pressure.

    Things change however, the internet revolution is here, and it gives us the possibility to search for truth ourselves.

    Right now, as my friend Mikael Drachmann thinks, we have a situation where people are divided into the ones who still believe all the lies and shallow communication they get from television, and the ones who are informed by blogs and the like.

    This is our chance. People has to have the opportunity to learn what we really are.

    I have really worked to get through mass media, but I just realized that it is in vain. All we can do is to be centerede around ourselves, and fight to get the truth out where we are, whith who we know and with the modern internet techniques. It will, hopefully, spread slowly. And the pace will pick up as the conflicts due to massmigration, and lack of food will increase the wars of the world.

    What will happen in this proces is yet to be seen. But I hope it will give us the renaessance we need som much. A renaessance in terms of politics and metaphysics.

    Yours sincerely 🙂

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