The problem and the solution for the European Union

The problems in the current construct of the European Union is simple; the politicians do not listen to the needs of the people. When the politicians fight to keep the system working and grasp for even more power, they forget who they are working for; the people.

It seems to me, that the politicians have created their own world very far from the street. A world where no real needs are met. Only the needs of the lobbyist seem to have any consequence in the halls in Brussels.

This do not work. A government have only one purpose; to serve the needs of the population. The people is not there for the politicians, the politicians are there for the people.

Now, the feedback systems from the peoples of Europa and back to the government are not working. The centralized government do not understand how it is to be a common citizen in Sweden or Ireland. They can see as far as the cafe in front of the parliament.

Now, there is a solution to the problems that the European Union is in the midst of. It is a very painful but healthy solution. The solution is for the politicians to get out of their ivory tower and meet the normal citizens. Listen to what they really need, try to meet their needs, go on leave for half a year to work in a run down community.

This will teach the ministers, the highofficials, the imposant empire builders their real task; to serve the people.

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  1. Rex D’artagnen
    May 16th, 2011 at 18:09 | #1

    A short burb from you know who.
    An even bigger problem the politicians have created is the financial dishonesty on all levels. Why did they take a job which was way over their head? Their blunders and uselessness are appalling. They are simply not capable of handling their jobs, Answer: they simply wanted the money and expense accounts that goes with the job. Greedy jerks.
    Financial power corrupt. Absolute financial power corrupt absolutely.
    Now, Let’s solve the world’s financial problems! And Believe me, there is a solution, and let’s make it simple.
    First we must realize that the pathetically dumb “dingerlings” who have been ‘trying’ to solve the world’s financial problem so-far, have been total and udder failures, and most certainly had very dark ulterior motives. What they have been doing until now is an insult even to stupid people. They should all be drawn and quartered. And will be soon, I’m sure! How bad does it have to get before they, and we, realize that they have no talents, are totally incapable and is a greedy bunch of useless nit wits?
    To think that they can fix the financial problem of the world which they themselves have created is just plain stupid. Successful financial operators know how to use and misuse the existing system for their own benefit, but they don’t know how to fix the system when it fails the rest of us, or change it. They are not Philosophers or spiritually enlightened people by any stretch of the imagination. None of them has ever been successful fixing anything. Hence they are not financial creators but financial predators. I am pi**ed off, and will simply not take any more of ‘their’ shallow and dishonest yak dung.
    The wealth distribution on earth is a total disgrace and crooked to the bone, to say the least. Let me show you a simple example of facts.
    If you had only 10 people living on earth and $ 100 to share, One person own $ 99 and the other 9 would have to share 1$ and the poorest 5 of them would only have 2 Cents to share between them.
    Well, Capitalism, loved so much by selfish people and egomaniacs, morphed, and has now become, like poker, where the winner take all. Capitalism is not the pinnacle to reach for humanity; in fact, it has shown itself to be terrible in-human as the above example clearly shows. The capitalistic system is obvious harmful to 99% of people on earth, even if you are stupid enough to love this shallow, harmful and selfish philosophy. Capitalism can only evolve into Corporatism, and always has, which by definition are Fascism and Nazism. Let me tell you why capitalism really sucks. There is only two ways to create a large amount of wealth, you either have to overcharge for what you sell, or under-pay for what you get, hence in both cases, the less savvy, gullible, trusting, nice or ignorant persons always get screwed, and the f**king bully prosper, hence, prosperous people got their wealth from bullies or are bullies themselves. Most financial wealth in the world was originally created this way. The much admired, but shallow human intelligence used to justify capitalism, is a primitive primate attribute which snakes and lizards have plenty of. And ‘their’ creepy intellectual short comings created this present financial system which are pathetically selfish and based on the gross lie of Darwin, ‘the survival of the fittest’ like most reptilian minded people do. They speak with forked tongues as well. No Conscious Awareness were ever applied at any time, they simply had none. Conscious Awareness would show compassion, harmlessness and helpfulness toward the ignorant and unaware people.
    How in the hell can those rich intellectuals sleep at night when 35.000 children under the age of 5 die each day of hunger and malnutrition while their thoughts and worries are oscillating between pink or purple SUV’s, Lear jets and other platinum acquisitions? That is 1 child every 2.4 sec. Dyeing of preventable courses.
    Excess ownership, excess power, excess wealth and excess greed are the real problem we have to deal with, which are all branches of unenlightened selfishness and egotism. The earth is a closed system with enough wealth for everybody, (Ted Turner was dead wrong) and a new solution to the financial problem must be found if we want to survive as human beings and not all become beasts of burden to the reptilians and their Banking stooges.
    The elite want a population reduction of mankind to about 500 million Souls, this way they think that they can secure their excess wealth for themselves and never have to share. Well, they are dead wrong. When the looting starts and it will, soon, the gloves are off. And a small spark can come and ignite it, at any moment.
    Capitalism is Financial Narcissism at its best. Money pursuing more money is a pernicious form of self-adoration and self-Love enabled by most people’s ignorance of the real workings of this flawed mindset.
    Clinically, narcissism describes a devastatingly vulnerable person who compensates for an inadequacy with a desperate need for admiration and a grandiose self-image. Financial narcissism not only destroys societies, it also deeply imprints a sense of personal inadequacy and undermines the confidence required for self-responsibility.
    In the present system, you have the filthy rich and the pi** poor, and the middle class is all but consumed and gone down the tube, cannibalized by the filthy rich. As human beings the ideal financial system, having a hindsight of 20/20, would clearly be an very well off upper middle class, and a lower middle class, none like Royalty, the Rothschild, the Rockefeller and Bill Gates etc. and no poor and destitute people.
    Well, enough of this sad truth, we all know the problems, so let us enlighten you with the most practical and possible the only real solution that will work in no uncertain terms. It may come after the present financial system has collapsed, perhaps it comes before, but it will come.
    Let’s ask the real nasty questions needed to solve the problem which everybody are avoiding like the abominable bubonic plague and apparently is scared to ask?
    “How much total wealth of all kind is needed for a family or an individual, of Property, Assets and Capital (XPAC) including everything, as in total wealth, to have a good long life, in creativity, having an interesting and healthy lifestyle, while being totally HARMLESS to all other people on earth? Even if you never have to work a day or have any worries for the rest of your life? Please note the word ‘Harmless’. In other words, when is enough, enough? Some will clearly say that this is not achievable, but let’s have a look and see if it is”.
    Let’s play with the amounts and have some fun…. Let’s say $ 20 mill. Is maximum. For 99.8 % of the Souls living on earth, it sounds good, doesn’t it?
    Say you have a large house that cost say $ 5 million, say you have cars, yacht, airplane whatever, which cost another $ 5 million, and say you have an investment for producing an income of say $ 5 million, then you still have $ 5 million to play with. On top of that you will still have some income from your creative work. And as you get older you clearly need less and less, because when you die, you can’t take the loot with you, Sorry about that Buster. And if you children get what is left when you die, what then? They may already be maxed out and have (XPAC) (Their 20 Mill.). So, the leftover goes to the common good, hospitals, dentists, social upliftment, environment, schools, universities, community services, good food and housing for the poor, unemployed and destitute and free energy.
    But there is a catch, nobody can own more or control more of any value neither directly nor indirectly in any way what-so-ever. Now wrap your mind around this for a moment. Why would anybody want to have more? unless you are a psychotic power freak with a gross streak of greediness? If you think that you could possibly need more than $ 20 Million, to live a long and healthy life, you are clearly psychotic and sick in your mind. You would be a pathetic nut case. And as you can see, the world is run by these psychopaths. The inmates are truly running the asylum. Don’t they? However, if you are a dope addict, alcoholic, gambler or a psychotic misfit, you may be struggling with this amount, just as the misfits are doing right now. Whatever anybody own or control more than $ 20 Million is normally used for one or two reasons, One, is to satisfy their power in controlling other people being it politic, finance or business authority etc. and/or to feed their greed addictions by hording more for control others at a later date. When people have power over others in one way or another, then the people who are subject to that power have less freedom, and people should not have to have their God given freedom diminished. And second when people are greedy and want more than they can use in a full, healthy and long life, in other words ‘excess’, then it is always to the detriment to somebody else somewhere on earth and hence harmful.
    When you income from your investment and creativity makes you exceed you (XPAC) amount, then you will have to hand it over to people of your choice who are else less fortunate or give it to the ‘common good’? But you cannot keep it. If you don’t, it will be taken from you and given to others on your behalf. You can also stop making more than you already have, and hopefully help others to or let others make a living, or provide a free service of some kind to the less fortunate.
    Since we cannot totally stop the greedy bunch, the control freaks and the willfully evil people, we can at least limit the damages they can do to the rest of us, and by stopping them this way; they cannot continue their predatory grouching but only be nibblers on the edges. Their canines will be removed, but their molars they’ll keep
    In the transit period, where the rich people will have to give away their excess wealth to whomever they want to give it to, with absolutely no strings attached, will be interesting, to say the least. (Imagine Bill Gates…Mine…Mine…Mine) Or they can give it to the ‘common good’ for the upliftment of the less fortunate. They will have a period of time, say 6 months to do so. If they refuse to share, lock them in jail with their loot and make them eat it, in some way or another, or share it for them.
    If you want more than (XPAC) you are not harmless towards other people and you are not a harmless person, as the present flawed system clearly shows, and harming anybody will be a crime (And should have been).
    The top 1 % of the riches people will not like this one bit, and will use their resources to stop this philosophy, but they are few and we are many and we will all be much better off, much healthier and happier when it is done. However they will still have their (XPAC) for a full, healthy and satisfying life. The $ 20 Million amount can always be changed as the people chose to lift or lower the amount, depending on the level of the poorest in the community. Does all this make you think? If not, minimize you intake of Kentucky fried chicken, and MSG in general, so you can think clearly again.
    By using the $ 20 Million as the high limit, is to ensure that the motivating drive force, and ambition for success of the less well-off 7 Billion people is still in place so they can satisfy their creativity and drive to make it to ‘the top’. The 20 million limits also stop the ignorant masses from calling it socialism or worse. People who has (XPAC), say doctors, lawyers, bankers etc. can always chose to use their talents for the common good or drink strawberry margaritas, and let other people have a job. The Common Good is the community you live in, and everything needed for Common social security like health, schooling, energy etc.
    The owners of the industrial revolution wanted to employ a lot of people to create machines that would take over the work people do, so they wouldn’t have to pay people anymore. Hence the unemployment we have.
    What bother me the most is, when the riches people on earth are publicized in the glossy magazines they themselves owns, only billionaires are mentioned, what nobody tells you about is the about 120 or so Trillionaires that never get mentioned anywhere in the news.
    The riches family on earth, The Rothschild’s, have a total wealth, calmed by some to be $ 1500 trillion, and he did not get this by hard work, while the yearly GNP of all countries on earth is about $ 65-70 trillion. If you don’t think there is some misgiving in this picture, then your chemical lobotomy have been very successful. $ 1500 trillion is enough to make each and every household in the developing countries, millionaire, but the greedy psychos stash and control the loot to the detriment of the world population as a whole. Every day 35.000 children die due to them stashing their loot, and they must be made accountable forthwith for these murders.
    How about Bill Gates? 50 billion? If Bill gave $ 50 000 to one million American families each to spend on American made products of whatever kind, even if it is Barbie dolls, cool aid or pizza, the unemployment would be minimized dramatically. Trust me.
    The private owners of the money printing press are the ones who have been contracting the money supply and stopping the circulation, at will, to impose the problem we are having now, and the creation of money cannot ever again be anybody’s private affair, as it is now. The jerks simply couldn’t handle the authority with which they were entrusted, so they misused it, to every bodies else’s detriment.
    Let me tell you why. The fools don’t create anything by printing money other than debase the value of your money, as well as making people and banks horde the money, which is so popular and can clearly be seen at the present, even by blind people. The only real thing that can help create wealth is to increase the speed of circulation of whatever money is available. When people are secure they don’t mind spending, starting business, building houses etc. but if they are worried they don’t spend and try to save all they can, and by doing that, they stop the circulation. Just realize, that the banks are fooling you big times. All the Banks that was too big to fail, were not failing, and the managers got Billions in bonuses for convincing the public of this gross lie, why? And they used your tax money to pay the con men when they really should have been thrown in jail, hanged or drawn and quartered.
    If instead of helping the banks, the government gave the trillions freely to every Tom, Dick and Harry on food stamps to spend as they felt like, the monetary circulation would go berserk in a coble of days and would circulate many times daily for months and months. Income would increase for everybody and the badly needed creativity and imagination would get free range as the opportunities manifested.
    Let me tell you why and give you an example to show my point.
    If 100 people have $ 100 each ($ 10.000 in total) and they each buy and sell for $ 50 a day between themselves for a year, their income would be $ 18,250 each ($ 1.825 million income in total created out of only $ 10000 cash) and this is with only $ 50 a day. Now imagine if each circulated that amount twice a day? Or 3 times? Do the Calculation yourself. So you don’t need lots of money to get any country cooking, what you need is the freedom to increase the speed of circulation of the money that are available.
    This simple demonstration is not only to show the problem greedy people creates when they accumulate and stash their loot, but also the problem the banks create when they lose your savings in shady financial manipulations and unethical bonuses paid for with money they printed themselves while devaluing and debasing your money.
    This new financial system (XPAC) as explained above, obviously have some minor flaws, but we can iron them out when more brains with high ideals are massaging the possibilities. To expand on this ideal will be most productive and would be alleviating the sad state of affairs we are forced to live with. Otherwise come up with a better answer to the problem. One thing is for sure, this is a problem must be solved.
    By Rex D’artagnen
    (Oneness of the whole, and the wholeness of the one)

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    May 16th, 2011 at 22:45 | #2

    Dear Rex
    So nice to hear from you again. It has been a while.

    As I see it, to understand capitalism, you have to read their books and follow their philosophy. I have, myself, been surprised to understand what ideals the capitalists have. Or rather, after talking with a lot of them, bankers, shippers and manufacturers of different things, I realised, that they, as any other person, are searching for meaning and purpose. Often we think we know how other people are, but in the end, when we meet them, we are surprised that they are different than what we think.

    There are off cause good guys and bad guys wihtin business. The bad guys are usually the capital funds and the like. The problem is a lack of responsability of anything. The good guys are usually the family owned business.

    As I see it, we need more of the family based businesses and less of the cold corporate business. Then again, businesses are just like ourselves. We make them, and if the society is filled with compassion, responsability and love, it will have an effect on businesses as well.

    The entire West is in a moral collapse, the businesses are just a reflection of that.

    They are bad guys, because we are bad guys. As we do, they have to focus on ethics and loyalty to turn the tide of decadence.

    Yours sincerely, and very happy to hear from you again 🙂

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