Peace in the Middle East

It is very important, that we fulfill a role as mediators and peacebringers of the world. Right now, there are two main powers of the world; Russia and The united States of America.

Both are vary of each other, and we stand, in all respects, right in the middle of the competition between the two. Well, both needs a friend that will accept them both, and try to mediate between them .

This role is, in some way a European role, and in some ways an Israelean role.

The problem is just, Israel is very new to the game, and, in some ways, I am sorry to say this, it is with the deepest respect of the legacy of all jews, but still, we need to play the international game of politics, a little more wisely.

When Bulgaria was hit by the latest antisemitic onslaught, it not only rocked the jewish world, but it also brought a few cracks into the vaguely initiating relationship between Russia and Israel. It is no secret, that Russia is behind Iran and Syria, and it is no secret that Russia was, indirectly responsible for the attack on the bus in Bulgaria. If it was an Iranian/Hezbollah attack, it is the proxy of Russia that is responsible. That is a very difficult situation for Russia to be in, add to this the success of the Obama administration in the Middle East theatre, and Russia is under a lot of pressure. Well, I have been one of the strategists behind the success of Obama, but, for me, it is very important not to lose the support of Russia. It is a partner of Europe, and a friend of Denmark.

Behind the problematic situation in Syria lies a competition between the Arabs and the Persians. And the arabs, being allied with me, has had a lot of success. But, this is not intended to wrap up the entire Middle East and give the Arabs opportunity to win and conquer, it was ment as a opportunity to make peace, and further the democratic and peaceful development in the Middle East.

Russia recognizes this aim, and I suppose that the onslaught of the Arabs against the Syrian regime will not stop until The US or other partners tell them to. Well this is the time. We need to make peace, not just bang each others head. The longer the conflict persists, the deeper the traumas will be, the longer it will take to become friends again.

I sincerely believe, that we should take the outstretched hand of Russia and start making peace. Israel, and Denmark, through me, could be a part of that process. We could work as the broker of peace in the region. Yes, Iran threaten us, but, we want peace, and all chances to make that is a an option we need to embrace.

G-d bless the peace we can win, if we strive to do so

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