Physics and metaphysics

In my research to prove the existence of G-d, I have come to new eureka moment. It just struck me. After having read some really advanced and complicated hermetic philosophy for a while, I just realized what hermetic philosophy really is; it is the lore of the core of catholic faith. Why do the monks have vows of silence; to be able to hear the communication with G-d. Why do they keep all these ancient libraries under lock, because some of the lore of both Egypt and other sources of ancient wisdom, is still there to be procured, if the Vatican church chose.

Anyway, what is the problem of the church? It is a rising competition of what you would call Newtonian physics. Newton changed the game of the West in a profound way. Even though he was an alchemist and a magician, he really changed the way we look upon reality. How did he do that? By proving, beyond doubt, mathematically, his hypotheses. He had a knack of dominance in him. When people tried to discuss with him, he just wrote two or three pages more of mathematical proof. In this way he did succeed in proving gravity, even though gravity is a bit magical. But, the most basic contribution to the West, and now, more or less to the entire world, was his worldview. In this, you can prove things mathematically, actually the only serious prove is mathematics. Everything else is just superstition or knowledge not to be taken serious.

This leaves the hermetics in a bit of a weak situation, because most of hermetism is shrouded in secrecy, and very difficult to understand, and never really scrutinized by mathematics or dialectics.

So people will meet the church, as they meet anything else that is not proven by mathematics with disdain and scepticism. Sometimes with ridicule.

This is where my Platonic, Anaxagorean, Hermetic philosophy comes in as a tool of rescue. Because, it is a mix of modern physics and church theology.

The strange thing about both the church and modern physics is, that the roots are the same. Anaxagoras both initiates physics and hermetism. Well, there are items of egyptian thought in hermetism as well, but mathematics is an egyptian invention anyway, so basically we are in a situation where metaphysics and physics could be bridged.

In real life, the scholars of the Vatican church could use my philosophy to create an interface with physics. Based on serious sources within the catholic faith, and nicely partnering with modern physics. All the progression done in modern physics could be integrated into metaphysics, and work in real life. Just imagine the impact of the Hadron collider on metaphysics, or the new fields opening up to explore the faith in angels, afterlife, and off cause; G-d.

This is not to exclude jewish metaphysics. The same process could be initiated here. Jewish metaphysics is just not so threatened as the christian faith. So it not as much in danger of loosing ground.

It could really make the difference.

G-d bless physics as well as metaphysics

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