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In The confrontation between you and Romney in regards of foreign policy, you have the best chance to beat him on your own terms. It is pretty obvious, that you have made a huge turn around. Before you came to power, the image of America was at its worst for decades. After the Soviet Union fell, America had a bit of a blossoming, but it faded again with Bush. Bush was an amazing guy in some ways, and he was a true dear friend of Denmark, he came here on his birthday once, that was a defining moment of Danish foreign policy. But he had his weaknesses, one of them was a bit of an insensitivity to other people around the world. In the Afghan war, in the Iraqi war very little was actually done to pay respect to the local citizens of the said countries, it was mostly gung ho, John Wayne military tactics. Do not get me wrong, I like Texas, in fact Denmark is, more or less, the Texas of Europe, but in international politics, you have to be just to win wars, otherwise you just end being another tyrant.

This was my recommendations in the Libyan war, that actually gave us a huge boost to popularity. Why? Well it is actually very simple. Just as United States really hated being under the british crown, everybody else hates being told what to do. People like to be free, so in order to give them that freedom, you cannot punch them around, you have to help them gaining their own freedom. That was the ethos behind the Libyan war, and has been, more or less, the ethos behind the Syrian war, we refrain from taking direct action, because people have to win their own freedom.

The net result is pretty clear; Libya is free, Tunisia is free, Iran yearns to be free. Egypt is really the problem right now, mainly because we were the hand behind the tyrant before, and because of the Muslim brotherhood, but the motive was clear from the beginning; we wanted to give them freedom.

This tactics has been widely appreciated, not only by the countries involved, but also by the American people. They dislike the role as a bully in the world, they, or most of the American taxpayers, would like the American army to use their skill and competence to bring freedom and democracy to countries around the world, just as we have done.

That is why we are popular.

Now, Romney is on the war path in this area, he has blasted our record over the last few days, so we have to fire back. First of all, tout your victories, and tout the ideological element. Tell people that you have fought, with success, to spread freedom and democracy to many countries, countries who have been handled fairly and with justice and respect. The ambience of United States of America is better than in many years, this in a situation where the resources are scarce. Tell them, that the best path in war is to be honest and just, and that is exactly what you have done, in practice, and that is the secret behind your success.

Anyway, the counterarguments by Romney are all too clear; Israel does not support you, the Muslim brotherhood, the pride of America. Basically a neo imperialist way, that is not good for the world, or the United States, it just creates enemies.

Then another very important thing. When John Kerry lost his election, he did it because he did not pay attention to the bloggers. There was an infamous attack done to him by the “Swift boat veterans”. What they did was to undermine his legacy as a war hero. Basically it was just lies, but it worked, and gave him a huge blow. Why? Because he did not respond to the criticism. What is the point? The point is, there is a multilevel communication going on. The mainstream is just one level, below it is blogs, discussion in homes, and communities. We talk about underground.

Kerry was attacked in the underground. The attack by the Republicans concerning the Muslim Brotherhood was an underground attack, you have to respond to it, not in mainstream, but then again, maybe there, but perhaps in a veiled way. Things like alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood is a secret, everybody knows it, and yet it is tabu to mention it.

But, you have to explain why you did it, and perhaps by airing a story in some of the democratic underground you could counter the blow.

Point is, it is, as we learned from the Kerry incident, extremely important to fight in both mainstream media as well as undergroundmedia.

G-d bless the faith and, on the long-term, the true liberals, all over the world.

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