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I just read the support Mr. Barack Obama gave to the poor people in Colorado. I do believe these words were genuine, and they are, I hope, comforting to the victims of the deed. I think it is a good thing not to blame and point fingers in such a tragic situation. No sane person would see these horrendous acts as a tool of politics. Besides it does not work anyway, so focusing on the victims was a considerate and caring thing to do.

We support you here from Denmark as well, and we carry your burdens as you carry ours.

Going to another topic. I would like all the members of the freedom and democracy organization that were so naive to give Lars Hedegaard a medal to hear my story. I know, that few of you will actually read these lines, since you have invested so much in the pretender.

Here it comes anyway, and at least maybe some of you will give the true victim some positive reenaction of my personal justice, and judge me upon the deeds I have done.

First of all. I am a Socratic/Platonic philosopher of a Danish/Jewish mould. My great, great grandfather was a pupil of the founding father of Denmark; Grundtvig. My great, great grandfather Ernst Trier, was a converted jew, and a proud carrier of Danish folk theory and education.

The tradition has been carried on from father to daughter to son in five generations. I am the last of my line with any serious attention to Grundtvig. My philosophy is a modern version of Grundtvigs.

Now, before I entered the political stage, I did not know much about politics. I basically was a naive, well-meaning idealist with no understanding of how things worked. I started my political career as a philosopher in the organization Stop Islamization of Denmark. It was right after the Mohammad cartoon crisis and everybody in the world was pretty scared. Now SIAD is a bit like EDL. Or rather EDL used, more or less, the model of SIAD as their starting point. So it is what one would determine “on the fringe”. The connection between nazis and the organizations are pretty easy to see, while as, in real life, SIAD emerged, after I worked with the chairman Mr. Anders Gravers, as a liberal alternative to Islam. The work I did with Anders more or less changed the world. The term “Islamist”, is one of the results, we worked on the definition of muslims, so that we, carefully, only attacked the muslims that worked on the political gain of Islam, and not he muslims with a purely personal faith in spirit.

It gave, through the spread of the ideology a decisive blow to Islam as such, a blow it has not recovered from yet. Basically it turned the tide, and saved us from the onslaught of Iran and Saud i Arabia combined.

It however gave me a bit of a bad name here in Denmark. Change is a popular word in The US, but it is a very unpopular word in Denmark. So I had the honour to be an outcast of the society. You may add, that I gave the Danish politicians, media and cultural life the full force of my Socratic whip. They have still not really recovered from that.

So the Danish media decided to do something about the rebellious philosopher who pinched their noses and had an occasional hit from time to time. They had the perfect opportunity when I made an interview with Lars Hedegaard. Normally I am very careful about my interviews, I make a serious process of checking the interview and give the interviewee the opportunity to censor the interview. But due to some disastrous and very unlucky circumstances, the interview went, uncensored into the wide open internet. The fact of the matter was, that my friend, another blogger had, secretly, without our knowledge taped the interview on film, from a telephone.

He asked me if he could put the interview online, it was late, and I agreed. Now normally that is a grave mistake. But I did not do it, the other blogger did it. My recording, on a voice recorder, went up on Rubicon. Few people noticed. People did however notice the other interview. It went from a small interview to a media storm. The worst media storm in the entire history of Denmark. Still it was the most defining moment of Danish media. At that instance they decided that they were the good guys, and we were the bad guys. because, at last! They had something on us.

Mind you, the interview was a nice piece of work, few, or no mistakes were done. The great discussion was a question I asked, that Hedegaard did not answer in a way that would leave him bulletproof. I asked; “In my gym. I overheard two immigrant boys talking about the girls of their youth club. They said that all the girls had been raped in the club. Why do we allow that to happen?”

The answer i still blowing i the wind. And the reality is, that is has improved minimally, but not much. The politicians, especially on the left side of the aisle, have done all they could to boost the rapes as much as they possibly could. In fact, the main purpose of the changed government (it changed half a year ago) has been to give the immigrants, especially the rapers a wider berth. It is absolutely sick, but that is the reality of the current political leadership of Denmark. Because of this they have lost all support from the Danish people and are, more or less, destroyed.

Now, my life, was cast in the shadow of the relentless onslaught of Hedegaard. I told him I was sorry, despite the fact that I did not put up the video, it was my friend, and I tried to help the best I could. Somehow, in the mind of Hedegaard it all turned out to be my fault. I mean, I am a minor philosophical blogger. Yes, my thoughts have changed the world in many ways, but I not in any position to support people this or that way. Basically I am, in the grand game of politics, virtually defenseless. Nobody comes to my aid if I am under fire. Some will secretly, but officially; no one. I am left with my own weapons; writing and philosophizing.

So; enter the court case. After a huge barrage from the media, Lars Hedegaard went to court. I wrote him a few times, and I proposed what I would term a serious defense; defend the speech by referring to the constitutional right of free speech. I would defend our right to say what we said. I am a philosopher, so I saw the opportunity to discuss the principles of free speech, law and so on.

But to my surprise, I heard not from Hedegaard. I was left in the cold, and slowly it dawned upon me, what was really happening. Lars Hedegaard did not intent to defend himself by referring to his constitutional right of free speech, he intended to defend himself by proving that he had not intended to say the things he had said. He, unfortunately, had to sacrifice me to make his case. So he postulated that the interview was not an interview, but was a social gathering, a dinner, where I had, secretly, recorded the conversation and put it on the internet. There was only one problem; me. So he tried to keep me in the dark with his strategy, and sacrifice me as the lamb on the altar of his own ambition. I however, not being that stupid, and, luckily, being in the possession of an email where all the details of the interview was written down, and with the acceptance of Hedegaard on it, showed the email in the court.

So Hedegaard was, in the first round freed from any accusations of racism, on the belief, that he had not intended to publish the interview. I had lured him into the thing. All these details are in the procedural letters of the case, if anyone cares to read them. It is possible these days with electronic translation.

So I became a leper in the eyes of the conservative camp, or the right wingers. After all, I had, deliberately, tried to destroy their great hero Hedegaard. To the international audience, Hedegaard toted his “victory” as a victory for freedom of speech. Although he did not defend freedom of speech, but just tried to save his skin by blaming it all on me.

But ho, alas! The wee philosopher was not beaten yet. To his surprise, he received a call from the prosecutor in the case, inquiring about a certain email. Being the truth seeker I am, and not so keen on sacrificing my good name to boost the fame of Hedegaard. I handed it over. In the meantime my focus had shifted from Danish politics to international politics.

You know, the media believe they are the sole mediator of knowledge around the world, that is not so. The secret services knows what is going on in the world really. They had noticed that I changed the world with my philosophy, and had, correctly I suppose, reported this feat to their bosses, the presidents and leaders of the world. This gave me, by a sheer stroke of golden luck, the ears of the leaders of the world. Just imagine the possibility of such a coincidence. It was an amazing position to sit in, and I did my best to help all I could. My audience changed from the underground to the mainstream.

The rest is, if you follow Rubicon, more or less common history. Obama and I, won the Libyan war, I gave America a new economical principle to help save the country from ruin, we fought a war in international politics regarding Iran. At the same time, I have tried to help Israel to the best of my ability. Today, the victories of the West is piling up. The initial change we made by creating i liberal opposition to Islam was actually just the first victory of the West. We are, by the grace of spirit, changing the tide, we are, slowly helping the West to recapture some of its former glory. All in the interest of man.

However, while I celebrated these victories in my humble abode among spiders and dust, in front of my worn down computer, the Hedegaard court case just went on and on.

Hedegaard was drawn in another round of court proceedings. In the meantime most of the right wing politicians and intellectuals had decided, that I was a terrible person. I was the leper, the outcast, because I had lied and backstabbed the holy hero the vain mr. Hedegaard. It all came to naught in the second round of court proceedings. The mail I had so luckily produced, was evidence enough. Now Hedegaard was deemed a liar by the court. No, it was an interview, no I did not intend to slander and destroy Hedegaard. He lost, and I regained some honour to my name.

Now, how did the international community of esteemed intellectuals react to this turn of events? Well Mark Steyn and other vain and incompetent intellectuals went into a frenzied defense of Hedegaard. Although it had been proven, beyond doubt, that Hedegaard was a simple liar and fraud. The desire to have a hero, was too big suppose. I just should perhaps point to fact, that, without being too immodest, the hero was actually not the scheming and evil mr. Hedegaard, but the hapless philosopher, so caught up in the web of Hedegaards machinations. So, while I had to defend myself from all the attacks from the Danish intellectual, the media, my friends, my family, I, at the same time, had to save the West. I could have used just a little support. To be fair, I did get help from my friend Uwe Max Jensen and his friend Helle Merete Brix, these are former employees of Hedegaards, and they know how he is. Did it not strike anyone as strange, that the persons who know him best, his employees, supported me? HOW can that be, I wonder???

Now fast forward to the last courtcase. Hedegaard decide to try his luck in the upper court. Here he was released. Not because I had done anything wrong, but defined on some minor, strange formulation of the interview. As I understand it, it was because, he had not intended to publish the interview, and had thought he would have had the opportunity to censor the interview. Well, be as it may, the interview has detailed in the mail I send to him, and he approved, and in it there there was no talk of an opportunity to censor the interview. So just another lie, I suppose. I was not a part of the proceedings, so I do not know the details. But to me, it seems more like a political decision rather than a decision by the book. My name was however not burdened, and so I was free.

So, how would the international community react to this absolutely disgraceful comedy of a case? They gave him a MEDAL! Just imagine, the liar, the scheming, backstabbing, vain Alcibiades got a medal for his grand defense of freedom of speech. Not alone this. But the friends I had supported, namely Tommy Robinson, aka mr. Lennon. Attended this grand occasion. Come on guys, can you disgrace yourself more?

Especially the attendance of EDL pissed me off. Sorry, I have given you everything I had, and you could not at least tell me that you appreciate the help? And then you disgrace me even more? It is disgusting.

So we are in a situation where the intellectuals of Europe, that were supposed to defend the rights and the principles of the ancient continent, have been fooled by a prepostor. This is naive, but it also have created a gap between me and the rest. Mind you, I have actually been busy doing the work, while the rest of the intellectuals have been busy saluting my hangman.

I do not care, not anymore. My job is to help the West, and the other descendants of the danes to prosper. This aim I have reached, it is not over, and it is not completed, but much ground have been covered.

I do not need the intellectuals of Europe, they do need me. But, really why should I bother now? It is just, basically, a waste of my time, and I am busy doing the work they were supposed to be doing.

What really seems most sad, is the fact that a great part of the intellectuals who have abstained from supporting me, because they were afraid to lose the support of Hedegaard are jews. Listen, I have support Israel, and more or less, saved her for now. The strategic situation is the best it has been in many years. Perhaps, instead of writing absurd praises to hail Hedegaard as a saviour, you could start actually helping Israel?

Just a proposal.

G-d bless the light of Europe.

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