The Freestate

The world is rearranging itself along new lines, but following old lines. The time for democracy is both enhanced and diminished.

The role of Israel as a leader in the process is still up in the air. I hope Israel, with its legacy and potential will lead the way, but we will have to see, it is not certain, and many things can go wrong, but it is a distinct option to enhance the will of Abraham and his descendants.

Looking at the whereabouts of the world, we see new constellations forming. In the middle of Europe, the descendants of Rome are trying to rebuild a system in accordance with the Roman ideas of central management and direct control from the center to the periphery.

This process is contrasted with the countries of Europe that was not a part of the Roman empire. That is Denmark, England and beyond, Russia, partly Norway and Sweden. Unfortunately for Holland it is trapped to close to the epicenter of the new empire to be free. So they are forced to bow to the lords of the magistrate.

Now, this however leaves new room for an alliance of the Northern Europeans countries and the descendants. We can define a new entity of collaboration, based on the values we believe in.

What could that Northern European confederation look like? First of all, it should be a confederation based on freedom. None of us are very keen on being ruled by anyone, so it should be a chosen confederation, with the possibility to redraw from it always.

But it should, at the same time, be a place where we honour our law. It should be a place where we respect the law of the confederation as something holy.

This is how a Freestate is run, or was run until it was stopped around the 12´th century. We know this from the Icelandic sources, where the Freestate was kept living for the longest time.

But, deeper under the Vikingstate we all descent from, lies the ties to Caanan. These virtues and ideals where ours from the start, before we arrived in the north. These ideals are often more advanced, and gives us the richness of our original culture.

So, this is where Israel enters; as the backdrop of basic lore; enlightenment, rule of law, spirituality.

Such a commonwealth, with a free connection of all the states, based on the lore of both the free roaming raiders we came from and Israel, would certainly be a shining civilization as never seen before.

G-d bless the Danes and the roots we all share.

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