The Arab spring

When we started the fight in Libya, we did it to set Libya free, and to strengthen the democratic development of the Middle East. Now, before we started that quest, the Middle East was all in defeat and under the rule of tyrants. We did start a movement, it halted to soon, and we should have continued it. But, be as it may, we did a lot of good.

Now, that is concrete and specific progress that we have done together; Europe and The United States in unison.

We stood behind you, we fought together, and we did some beautiful things in collaboration. Now, this is why Europe supports you. Now, you could say, that it does not matter, and the US could just focus on China and the possibilities there. But would the US be a better place for that on the long run? Would you not lose some of the ideas we create here in Europe and you can put to use in the great and free country? Take the insourcing idea, this was created here in Europe, and refined in the US. Is that not a good thing?

Well, having been beaten and prosecuted myself, haunted by the secret police, the media and my friends. I still believe, that having true friends matter. I still believe in the solidarity and love one shares with a good friend. And it is my experience, that true friends always try to support each. Yes there are crisis, but in the end we stand together.

We are not perfect, and we make mistakes, but I still believe one thing. And that is the fact, that the world is a better place now, than when we started. Ask the citizen of Tunis or Libya, and the answer will be positive. We did that, we gave people hope, and we did change their lives.

That is the true and impressive legacy of our first tenure, and imagine what we can do in the second.

Tell them that. Tell them, that you fought for the Arab in the Arab spring. You gave them, in face of an extremely difficult political environment, a chance to have a better life.

You created that, and you should have the honour for it.

Be strong and courageous, be honest with the electorate, and tell them that you brought freedom to the Arabs. And they actually, took it.

G-d bless America

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