My persecution

When you are persecuted, you have to run to keep alive; make new friends, skip the ones, who are actively trying to take your life in this and that respect. Be vigilant, and hard to the idiots and betrayers around you.

They always have an excuse. The most horrendous is the ones who actively try to take your livelihood and peace “for your own sake”. They think you are “misguided”, some do it because they believe you are “psychotic” or something else. Persecution has many names.

The media in the corrupt state is in now is trying to censure you as much as they can. I have had the honour to be censured in a semiautonomous blog/newspaper called “The Free”. Call that a bigotry act.

Now the right wingers persecute me because I am not 100% ethnically Danish. With my half jewish mother and muslim father, I am not to be trusted 100%. Good ol race bigotry, all white ass holes (sorry about the pronunciation). Not all off cause, but a sizeable part “do not trust me”, or believe I use “double standards”. In the Hedegaard case it all came into practical fruition with an all white (too many jews, unfortunately) supported the old white male, and backstabbed the young “racially mixed” person. Disgusting.

On the left the issues are different. There I am “too national”. Or, they do not like my patriotism. Come on, just because I am not 100% race white, I do like Denmark, I do like Israel, and I wholeheartedly believe in the idea of the nation. I did dig up all the basic ideas of the Nation, because, for me, it is not about race, it is about ideology.

However, being persecuted by almost everybody, my finances are running out. This month is all I have left. I am doing all I can to find a job, preferably something that will pay the bills and give me the time to blog on. I am not saying this to threaten anybody, I just want everybody who reads this blog to realize, that I will have no more room for blogging at the end of the month, the system of Denmark will finally have caught up with me. The media, the secret police, the politicians will have their prize; my silence. No more words for world peace, no more Socratic discussion. I will not be able to continue. Perhaps with a posting here or there, but the quality will be very bad in comparison with the work I have done so far. I cannot uphold the responsibility anymore.

I still work and hope for at chance to continue, and I will as long as I can, but there are limits to my capability, and they are one month from now.

G-d bless you all, and bless the persecuted and poor around the world, give the faith and perseverance

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