The soul

Listen, when the civil rights movement, with that courageous and honest priest called Martin Luther King did all he did to stop the racist division of America, started. It was not about what he did not like, but what he dreamed about. It was not a negative or divisive message, he tried to find something that would unite not divide. He found something; civil rights. What are civil rights; they are the rights we all, with no preferation to skin colour, social background or economic advantage, have as equals. I have the right to speak freely, I have the right to vote, I have the right to be protected by law, I have the right to judged objectively by the state. I have the right to go to school, and send my children into a safe world, where things progress, and they are happy. This the dream Martin Luther King had.

Now, what it really does is, that it gives the basis of a platform that we all share. We make a frame, we all support to create a safe haven for all. We make common ground.

Now that dream is not helped during your first tenure. It was basically forfeit from the beginning, because the “whites” are scared. They see a country they used to be proud of become weaker and weaker. And what they do is the opposite of what would actually help; they become more distrustful and racially motivated.

Now it is a two-way process. To be honest, there are plenty of racist bigots on both sides of aisle. But that does not make the project of Martin Luther King forfeit. This is not the time to lose faith, this is the time to fight. This is the defining moment. Let us be honest. We cannot win on the economic fortunes of the current system, it is not working. Some of it basically obstruction, some of it is international malaise. But it all comes down to winning the hearts and the minds of all.

This can only be done if the Civil rights movement is in the calculation as well. To unite, you have to point to something that will unite America; and one of the things is the common values of the nation; free speech, free education and yes, for some free health care. It is about social justice, and it is about justice in the broader sense. Justice for you, for elderly, for the kids.

The project is to make a world, where all have something in common, and playground where ideas and friendships can evolve.

That is the dream. And if there is nothing else to fight for here in last few months, where everything else seems so bleak. Fight for your dream. At least that dream is worth all the energy that you have in yourself, all of it, each and every ounce of faith.

You know. Grundtvig, the founder of my philosophical line, he had this little insight that I will pass on to you. It is a gem of true knowledge. He said; shedding all the layers of politics, culture, history, myth and legend, deep down, behind all the veils is a soul. It is not a soul of a single person, it is the soul of the people. Each people has a soul, it is the psychological being that is the sum of all the individuals of the people.

That soul can be hurt, be afraid, be strong or weak, and it is both spiritual and unconscious.

The true leader will speak to the soul, not to the man or the skin or the material basis around the man, but to the soul.

Speak to the soul of the American people, make them understand, that you do understand, and do care about the problems they face. Be kind, a soul is a fragile thing, easy to lose trust, and difficult to feel trusting. But, once you have the connection to the soul, it will turn around and accept you.

G-d bless the soul of America

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