Syrian challenges

The next step in the ongoing conflict with Ahmadinejad is at very difficult one, we need to be extremely careful; Syria.

Syria is extremely difficult because of all the different parties involved in the conflict; one little step in the wrong direction, and things will topple.

We however have to do something, otherwise the Syrian people will despair and the entire region will, potentially be lost to evil forces of different kind.

They have been waiting patiently for a long time now for a slight signal from us.

Here it is, we are here, and we are trying to find a solution to the Syrian uprise.

The aim is, as in Libya; a democratic system with a sound justice system and a social state. We are not able to implement it ourselves, but we are willing to help the people in Syria in their struggle.

But it is difficult, because of all the powers that has been invested in the beautiful but desolate little country, sorry, it is not meant as an insult, but as a true wish for comfort.

The first obstacle to meet is the interests of the russians, the russians are a wise and good people, especially in these times, where they are opting for democracy themselves. They are under a lot of pressure, and they need a helping hand, and someone who will listen. Let us listen to them, their worries and their fear. We need to give them a way out of the conflict, that will give them a serious pay back in terms of international prestige. We need to give them a solution that will give them a decent amount of credit and honour. How do we do that? Well, we can start by consulting them on their thoughts, how do they see a solution to the problem. If I know them right, they will wish a solution with as little bloodshed as possible, and a solution that will bring peace to the Syria not war. We have to consider the strategic issues as well, Syria is a key ally to Russia in the region, and if it was not for Syria, they would be out of any serious allies to base their military presence in, in this vital area. We need to give the russians a way to solve that problem, preferably in the region but also an ideological presence; democracy in a russian sense. It is very much the same ideology as we have, but with a russian touch. It can be done, we just need to start the dialogue, I hope.

Then another key ally in the region; Turkey. Turkey is under a lot of stress right now. Iran is targeting the country, because Ahmadinejad thinks, that Turkey is the one that is hampering his plans right now. He does not know that it is the two os us. So we have an edge on Ahmadinejad, but Turkey is in trouble. It is a worldwide conspiracy. Even here en Denmark Ahmadinejad troops are targeting Turks. A poor fellow was murdered in the Copenhagen very recently. So, it is as always when Ahmadinejad is working his foul work; killings, terror and so on.

Anyway. The greatest obstacle for Turkey in Syria is actually not the relationship between Turkey and Iran. Turkey does not like Iran, and sees it, quite rightfully as a serious political opponent. No, the problem is the relationship between Israel and Turkey. It has to be mended before we can find a solution in Syria. Why? Because of the Golan heights. The Golan heights is a piece of land Israel won in the six-day way. The reason why Israel is unwilling to give it away is because of strategic implications. But the Syrians want it back, and probably Israel will be hesitant to give it back, because they, or we, are afraid of the loss of security. This might be right or wrong, they point is, we need to make a credible solution to the conflict before we can find a solution in the Syrian conflict. So again, we need to talk with the Israelis about the Golan heights, and broker a serious solution.

We off cause also need to show our support to Turkey, listen to their worries.

It is like a great puzzle with a lot of small pieces we need to fit together.

What is off cause the most imminent cause to worry is the Syrian people. They are divided into two distinct fractions, The Alawi and the Sunni. The Alawis are at power right now, we need to reach out and hear about their worries, and perhaps find a solution. What the solution might be is difficult right now, but there is one, and we are the only ones that can make it.

Let us be prudent, very prudent and start sending minute signals of real dedication to the Syrian problems. It would gain us another inch on Ahmadinejad, but it has to be a very careful operation, we are in an extremely difficult strategic scenario, so we should advance in a very careful and respectful manner.

And btw, nice singing, I couldnt have done it better 😉

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