It is quite difficult to know who my readers are, it seems to me, that my ideas are widely accepted, and I know off cause that the beginning of my political work was within the liberation movement of Northern Europe. A lot of the consequent public movements as DDL and EDL are perhaps reading my things, then Israelis and Americans as well, even som Norwegians, and off cause Danes.

A lot of activity is going on these days; in Northern Europe where the resistance is growing rapidly, in the Middle East where war is imminent, in Denmark specifically where the ultimate showdown of European political elitist movements are clashing with the will of the people.

There is change in the air, and, somehow, I am trapped in all these world movements.

Probably people will like me to attend to meetings, social gatherings, and other things. Well, I would be honoured to be invited.

Then honestly, there is the fact that I am a jew, and the possibilities of my possible role of Israel.

I know that a dane with a jewish mother of aristocratic background might have put ideas into some minds in Israel. My message is clear; a leadership role of Israel has to be given not taken. If Israel wish me to help in any regard, I will be happy to do so.

I do support Israel, I am out of money, I live in a small apartment, I have no serious income, but if that is not a problem for the Israelis, I would be happy to contribute with I have anyway; my heart and my honest support.

When it comes to America, I do support all you guys, it is difficult, but we need to stand together in the face of the problems we have. I am not perfect, and I do my best, but I seriously hope that my contribution is accepted for what it is; a helping hand. I help with what I have again, and I am in nobodys pocket, so it an honest help.

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