Brandishing your enemy is a game of the past, today, we are, if we are the lightgivers and bringers, apt to remedy the conflicts we have had, and bring peace. We are not heading for a world of conflict, but should prefer a world of peace.

This cannot be done if we do not realize the community we are to have; the community of light, freedom and solidarity also called love.

Now who are we around the globe?

First of all, I propose a second glance at Russia, he has had his troubles, and the effect of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, has been devastating to the economy, the moral fibre, the social state, the jurisprudence, but things are slowly turning around for the russians. First of all, the russian orthodox church is in a bit of a revival. The orthodox church is a being with roots all the way back to Byzantium, the eastern roman empire founded by the Greeks in cooperation with the romans. Or rather it started as a roman state, but it ended up being a greek, philosophical state.

In Kiev, the original home of the Rus, a norse tribe travelled from Scandinavia to Russia on their long viking boats. Here the Byzantines gave the Rus a beautiful and mature religion. This religion is in many ways equal to the roman catholic and the protestant faith, but it differs in the very fibre of meaning. Where the roman catholic church is very focused on virgin Mary and her son, the orthodox church has a different view on the constellation of the son the holy ghost and G-d. They are more into the trinity of power between the three entities than we are.

Anyway, there is a good sign of renaissance in Russia, they are actively trying to repair the damage done to Russia under Soviet communism. Democracy in a traditional french version is slowly emerging, but it goes hand in hand with the orthodox church. This is exactly what I have tried to convey as a sound system of government; the social practises in the Orthodox church is a conservative and traditional opponent to the liberal ideas and practises of democracy. They are on track.

Now Russia is in a way a vain state, it is difficult to shed the former glories of the Soviet Union and all the power it once had. The russians long for the glory of the former days, and it is willing to cooperate with states of unsound practices just to feel a little of the former glory.

On the other hand it is also on a path of beauty, it does look morally upon the conflicts of the world, and this is the opening we might take to shear the connection between the mad mullahs of Iran and Russia. Honestly the values of Russia and Iran are totally different, Russia is an emerging democratic christian state, with all the beauty of such a state, and Iran is headed by an antisemitic, foul, dishonest scheming, selfneglecting, oppressing man called Ahmadinejad. Russian have nothing in common with this, and are ready to bond with states they respect.

Medvedev did reach out for Israel last year, the russians are feeling neglected, and they could use a helping hand in the process of rebuilding their country, it is hard and they need support.

Now Russia is a proud country, so alms will not be accepted, but an open sincere dialogue would be appreciated and an honest respectful support would be appreciated, I hope.

Then there is another person I like, but is obviously disliked by the West; Hugo Chavez. As I see it, Chavez is misunderstood by many, even by himself, in a way. Chavez is the classical latin macho liberator, a hero to his people, another Garibaldi incarnated.

He believes in his cause and that is to help and support his people in the face of american dominance and lack of tact, as he sees it. He has fought us courageously and is not to stop, despite his cancer treatment.

Now, what does he want? There is a paradox in his motives that has defied even himself. You see he is into Simon Bolivar. Or rather Bolivar, a classic french, masonic liberal enlightner, is his hero. Why? because Bolivar liberated much of Southamerica, and his ideals were beautiful. Now the American state is based on exactly the same ideals, it was also a realization of the masonic, french ideals in opposition to the English hegemony. Now, how come we are enemies? Well it is not because of lack of shared values, it is because we have not really given any attention to the antagonism between the West and Southamerica.

Chavez is a man we can talk to, and through him reach the entire South America. Ahmadinejad sees him as a friend, and indeed they are scheming together, but it is not because of common ideological ground, but because Chavez wants to win in the contest with the US, and because he wants some attention.

Well, let us descent from our high and mighty hill of wisdom and power, and have a talk with Chavez, maybe there is an opening for a deal with him, and we could stress the common ideals of democracy and the rule of the people, maybe even talk about a shared destiny.

It would give us, if Chavez is open for discussion, a friend and close a backdoor for Ahmadinejad.

Then the Saudis, well, as we say in Denmark; you reap what you sow. Infiltration, subversion, dreams of global jihad on the territory of your friends is not exactly the best actions, if you want trust and cooperation with your friends. The arabs should stop dreaming of world dominance and get into the world everybody else lives in; the peaceful cooperation between sound nation states with a serious democracy as the base. The spiritual layer of the state should support the democratic process not direct it.

Hope these reflections will help us gain another inch on Ahmadinejad, he is really the reason of all trouble right now, and should be stopped before it is too late.

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