Freedom, justice and love

dw-s7-weeping-libertyFrom the beginning The United States of America have been on a winning course, the resilience and the staunch opponence to all that would wish to take freedom and justice from the world, is a course of peace. It has been, and it should always be so.

Now, the Great country of the Bold and the Free have worked its philosophy around another corner, going from one war to another to keep the faith in the values it was founded on as a child of the third European renaissance. The values of the French revolution and the values of the Anglo Saxons; the belief in Democracy and the rule of law as the basis of a nation.

In the past few years, I have, as a token of friendship and a recognition of the common cause we work upon, done all I had the energy and the time I could to help the beauty of that renaissance Capital of the world.

This is a strange occurrence. Face it; I am a persecuted and vilified philosopher here in Denmark, I have the secret police on my heels, and my economic fortunes are all but desolate. I hustle by, from day-to-day, to feed my family and make some secure borders around their existence.

This way the honest but persecuted philosopher is once again making his mark on the world. As in the French revolution. This is the secret behind the allegiance that has come by so seamless. I never really did anything to tailor my ideas, it just fitted.

I believe it is because Europe is on the verge of another renaissance. Or at least, this is my objective. I hope to remake the world of the European Nations into what it was before the two world wars, and before the destruction of the European Union.

This is a kind of a closed circle that Europe always seem to redo; renaissance, destruction, renaissance, destruction. Thing is; America never lost the last renaissance, so now when Europe is entering a new renaissance, America is all ears, and is fed an relived by the organic energy that flows from the great outburst of change that Europe is entering in some corners.

It is not all of Europe, mind you. There are many different factions and ideas across the European peninsula; from Italy to Greece, to Sweden to England and Germany. But the core is still renaissance and I belive and with all my heart, that the strange but really natural alliance of renaissance Europe and America is something that will grow and prosper.

It is all about freedom, justice and love. Freedom in Democracy, justice in law and love in spirituality.

I believe, that the wheel of Europe has turned, and the virtues and values of the ancients, both the Greek, the Roman and the Northern are reborn. As the bird Phoenix. Reborn in the ashes of the destruction of the old world.

I hope so, and mind you. The path to freedom is littered with booby traps, and destructive forces. But we still stand, united and strong, as long as we belive.

G-d bless the freedom of the many, and love of all of man.

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