Nature__s_Harmony_by_hellfiredivaTo truly understand the meaning of the existence, and perhaps dig a little deeper into the meaning of our lives, we must understand the relationship between matter and spirit.

It is an intricate question. On one hand we have the realization, that a singular focus on material things are easily degrading of a human being. If we only focus on the day to day life, and strive to get a new television or another car, life is too simple and empty.

On the other hand, material existence is more than just the focus on things, it is also a more profound principle of nature. Nature is both spiritual and material. There are many material elements in nature; mountains rises, seas of green and deep. These things have a material side to them, and yet it is something we still need.

It is a bit of a dilemma.

Theoprastus claim, that there is such a thing as good in nature. Mind you, he must know, he was the pupil of Aristotle who did extensive research into the mechanisms of nature. So he a master we must and do respect.

But, what is good really in nature?

This question is a difficult one, and I must admit, that the answers are not yet really within my grasp. But I have done some research into the question. The famous classical philosopher Animaxander had a unique understanding of nature. While we in modern times see it mostly from a Darwinian perspective. That is as a system of choosing, either by natural selection by the territorial fights of man and animal or by sexual selection. Animaxander had another much more beautiful idea about nature. He claimed, as an opposition perhaps to Darwin, that in nature there is harmony. We need to understand the principles of harmony within nature to be happy and right in the way of understanding both ourselves and the care we have, as guardians of nature.

This great question can boiled down to a philosophy of a most simple structure. It is not all about the complicated ethical questions we pose to ourselves, but as a simple question as to; are we in harmony with the material surroundings we have. Are we happy with the house we have, the job we have, the things we have.

So that we stop thinking so much about having more things, and more about the relationship we have with the things we have. Are they adequate, perhaps we need less things? Simpler living. I believe we have often too many things, we should perhaps focus on the things we need, find harmony, and then focus on the real issues of a living entity; love and caring for one another.

G-d bless the harmony we might obtain, by having less and yet in a more harmonious way.

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