Arabian glory

pharos-lighthouseThe wheel of the world turns around yet another time. People say, that if you do not learn from history, then your destiny is to repeat it.

Now, as I discussed the situation of the Arabs a few weeks ago, the Arab world is nearing its last call for independence and chance as an international movement that is taken into a serious consideration in terms of war, peace and study. The resources are moving away, and the radicalized and destructive forces of the Wahhabi renewal is a sword with two edges. One it will, and has given the Arab kingdoms some sway over parts of the world, but second, in the process, it has given many fierce enemies. It is a very dangerous situation. The ultimate aim; to give respect and honour to the kingdoms is even further away today than before the infiltration of most muslim communities in the world. Because the net effect have been angst and rejection of Arab ideas around the enlightened world, the very people the Arabs wanted to be honoured by. A dangerous situation indeed.

Now, as a son of an arab immigrant, honestly I feel with the Arabs in this situation. I am a Zionist in the sense, that I believe Israel is the light upon the Nations, but I do also understand the pain and the desperation of the Arabs.

Talking about history. One of the first crusades or holy wars was the Kush attack on the Egypt at a time where Egypt was infiltrated by Libyan warlords. The Kushites were ancient enemies of the Egyptians, but had adopted the ideas of Egypt, as we all have in the monotheistic religions. But in a more ancient version. Anyway. The first holy war was an attack on the fragmented Egypt, and in won the day. It however was difficult to maintain the grasp over Egypt, because the Egyptians naturally went back to their own ideas when the conquerors were adapted into the society. So, we hear very little about it today.

We however still hear a lot about another conqueror, we talk about him all the time, all with great veneration; Alexander the Great. Alexander was a conqueror of another mold, he did not take Egypt by force, but was welcomed as a saviour, and he kissed the Apis Bull, and went into the desert to learn the secrets of the Amun Oracle.

Alexandrian civilisation, continued by his general Ptolemy was therefore not really an antagonist to the ancient ideas of Egypt, but tried to expand the ideas by combining Greek classical ideas with ancient Egyptian one. We still talk about one of the wonders of the ancient world; the lighthouse of Pharos and the great library in Alexandria; symbolizing the light that shone from the capital of Hellenized Egypt as Alexander had envisioned it.

Now my point is; the world still remember Arabs as they  invented the zero, and the they still remember the great library in Alexandria, but they do not remember the Kushistes or the holy warriors of Islam, at least not with veneration.

Glory is not won by conquest, glory is won by ideas wrought upon mankind. Now, you need resources to make a library or a university. Sometimes these resources are brought by by conquest, other times through business and other times through the ammasment of the best minds of the world.

Therefor, with all respect. I do believe, that if the Arab nations really wish to advance their culture and glory. They should follow the example of Alexander. Instead of conquering the world cold war style, it should build another library, and construct a place for philosophy and science. Through these means Arab culture will rise again.

Ptolemy used all his resources to create one of the finest universities ever known to man, this is a realistic endeavour of the Arab kingdoms of today as well.

Through this it will rise again as a respectable Nation among peers. And, in the long run, create an economy based on true resources.

Use the money to invite the most accomplished scholars of the world, give them a frame so beautiful that it has not been seen before. Stop all the money squandering on unholy things and focus on the advancement of knowledge.

Personally I would propose a combination between metaphysics and physics. It would rival the best institutions of the world if the lore of the ancient metaphysicians were combined with modern physics. It would be difficult, but possible.

G-d bless the beauty of man on his path of truth and light.

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