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The problems in the Middle east are spiraling out of control. In the centre is the ongoing competition between Sunni and Shia. On one side represented by the fighting forces of shia, Hezbollah, on the other side represented by the fighting forces of the Sunni; Al Queda and other affiliates. Now, who are we to […]

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Boston bombings

April 18th, 2013 No comments

It is with the deepest feeling of solidarity and friendship that we see the bombings of the hapless runners and their friends in the media of Boston. This is an act of desecration, and while this may be a day to day occurrence in some countries in the Middle East, it is still not anything […]

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Americanism and the Arabs

April 15th, 2013 No comments

Finding true peace in a world torn with war and conflict is like finding a needle in a haystack. Difficult at best, almost impossible at worst. This is however the aim of a sincere man of earth, spirit and ethics. Now, there have been some discussion on the Arabs, they are in a very difficult […]

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Arabian glory

The wheel of the world turns around yet another time. People say, that if you do not learn from history, then your destiny is to repeat it. Now, as I discussed the situation of the Arabs a few weeks ago, the Arab world is nearing its last call for independence and chance as an international […]

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The Arabs

March 31st, 2013 No comments

In a way the ongoing discussion regarding the power of the Arabs and the Arab world, is a last stand for the Arabs. A thousand years ago, the mighty jihadis of the Arab peninsula really conquered the world. The recipe was holy war, that bread a vicious and extremely effective war machine. It conquered Mesopotamia, Persia, […]

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October 15th, 2012 No comments

As we commence the next generation of flight from outer space to earth, we must also focus on the advancement of humankind on earth. This is as difficult as entering and leaving space, perhaps even more difficult, because man is such a wondrous and complicated being. First of all, we have made some progress, by looking […]

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