Americanism and the Arabs

Finding true peace in a world torn with war and conflict is like finding a needle in a haystack. Difficult at best, almost impossible at worst.

This is however the aim of a sincere man of earth, spirit and ethics.

Now, there have been some discussion on the Arabs, they are in a very difficult situation. The reach we used to have in the old times; the entire Middle East, India, great parts of Asia is really all just lost. There are a few die-hard supporters left, but the jihadis are not really modern soldiers that will win the day. The answer is simple; the technical prowess done by first the English, then the German and then both Russia, France, United States of America and some minor European countries reduced the advantage of idealism to naught.

I remember the visions of red indians being mass slaughtered at little big horn. Yes, they won that battle, but the advantage is not there really. So have all countries and cultures learned the hard way, that European tech is the only way to win a war. Many countries have tried to copy, but really, it will always just be a copy, the real basis of European thought and innovation is much more complicated than just a few universities erected in certain places.

Therefor, any culture that will try to make a stand on its own, must define its progress on its own terms. You cannot just combine tech with a bureaucracy as China, it will work a few years, then be stalled because the West will have adapted to the challenge and will overcome the problems posed by the threat of a new enemy.

Now, I believe, as the core of the West, that we are superior in some matters, equals in other matters, and subordinate in some matters. But we have amassed a richness of ideas and civilization that, in the right circumstances, could enrich the human species, not destroy it.

Therefor, I have tried to help, on the premises of a foreign nation or culture, to make them grow.

Talking about the Arabs. I know, that if you wish to grow. You should focus on the intellectual development of the Arabs countries. Build a university so grand that it will rival the best in the world. Through this, build your own strength from below and up.

This task is something you need the Americans to help you with. Instead of fighting the West inside and out, put your weapons down, and start building in collaboration. Seeing it from the perspective of the Americans. You have to understand the mindset of the Arabs. The Arabs are loyalists. They are descendants of an ancient tribe and culture. On the top of the pyramid sits a king, this king is judged by spirit in his ability to be honest and true. Show him that honour as a king, and you will have a helping hand and a true friend. There are numerous princes and princesses to work with to. But you have to show them the honour of a respectable civilization. Also, to truly honour the Arabs. Be a king yourself. Stand up with at straight back, look them in the eyes, have a sincere and equal relationship to them. Be as honest as they are in their best possible definition. And help them rebuild their own civilization on equal and good terms.

Now, focusing on Iran, or Persia. We need to realize the actual solution to the crisis. It cannot be done now, because the Iranians are nearing a vote. But you could very much help them by showing a peaceful face to the peaceful brokers of Iranian might. They showed us respect when we battled for election, we should do the same. There will not be a solution now, but hopefully one after the election. If we water the ground for peace through the election by showing our best support to the peace process, the peace wing might win.

Going to Russia please, reconsider any hostility. This great and honorable country should always have our deepest respect. Call Putin and tell him, that you are open to any kind of negotiations that will bring the world on a path of peace and democracy. Putin is a proud man, he should be, show him that you respect his honour.

This might give the world the window of peace it needs until the Iranian election is over.

Talking about the situation in North Korea, I believe Kerry is on the right track. We can only hope to put pressure on China to solve the problem. Really China is the basic problem. They are playing both side, trying to be the victor. Both accepting the capitalist Randian version of democracy the US has been famed to be, and, behind the backs of the US seeking to destroy it from within.

Do not be fooled, but be real careful, they are extremely intelligent and are ready to buy anything at any cost.

They are the worst sides of both the West and the East in one. Not to talk them down, but to be realistic. China should stop trying to fool everybody and start working on an honest and Confusian society.

This is all I can envision in my flight over the hills, trying to solve all the problems of the world, based on good thought, good deeds, and good ideas.

G-d bless the peace we will eventually win if we try, and try.

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