Datums__1_Earth_Sphere_v3The beginning of metaphysics was in fact much more focused on the arts of number than we know today. Anaxagoras was all into the mechanisms of matter, but Animaxander was the first philosopher to combine metaphysics with the principles of, or rather the art of geometry.

Today there is a deep gap between metaphysics and physics, a gap we have tried to span in the last few years, and a gap we need to make even smaller as we progress in the waking of European metaphysics.

First of all, the natural sciences when it comes to life has mostly focused on empirical studies. Following in the footsteps of Aristotle biologists as Darwin have tried to understand nature on its own premises. This is respectable, and a good way to do science, there is however another way, that is much more in compliance with the sublimity of metaphysics; mathematics.

Animaxander has another way of seeing nature; as something that strives towards harmony and equilibrium. This analysis is done as a consequence of a geometrical understanding of nature. Something that has reappeared in philosophy.

My point is; we as metaphysicians have been put down by mathematics through Newton, but the result have not been a mathematical view on nature, it has been an empiricist view on nature.

To counter the modern view on nature, and thereby countering the whole modern system of understanding nature and spirit. We need to have other means to understand nature. What better than a tool that combines with Newton; that of mathematics.

In this way, we can prove, that mathematics is a tool and not and end.

The end is the betterment of live of all human beings, as well as all other living creatures on out beautiful planet earth.

G-d bless the mighty and the strong, if they use their power in the betterment of humanity.

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