We as mankind are poor in the understanding of ourselves. We are all small splinters of spirit, and yet most of all do not know this, not untill we end our life on this planet earth. Green, lush, and yet barren in the understanding of spirit.

Now, we are not perfect, and the knowledge we have of our current existence is extremely limited. But, we have the opportunity, if we study and understand the world, to realize what we really are.

We are all small splinters of spirit, induced into the making of matter when we are born.

Now, the voyage to the understanding of this realization is almost impossible. We had, as humankind a true enlightenment in the world of Egypt, Canaan, Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Greece and Persia. Add to this; the ideas of Rome and its birthplace Etruria, you have a world where we realized who we are.

But, in the difficult times after the fall of Rome and the loss of knowledge of the Greek states, we forgot again. Knowledge was buried deep under the residue of mankind. Hidden in libraries, stolen from the philosophers, burned in great pyres of dumbness.

Today, if you dig deep, there is a window of opportunity. With the advent of internet old books are reemerging in strange forms, and both hermeticism, gnosticism and cabbalism is possible to attain. That is, the old knowledge hidden under the pressure of ancient foes of wisdom are reemerging. We never know whether this will be a small window of opportunity or a lasting trend. Face it, I am, as many of my peers vilified and persecutes as all who want true change. I might survive in the sense of surviving as a philosopher, or I might perish as so many before me who wanted the world to know who they really were.

It is funny, we think, today, that we are enlightened. That we know so much more about the world than our predecessors. We know so much more of the material world. We can manipulate it with the means of highly advanced technical instruments. But are we really so enlightened?

As I see it, after reading so much about the classical thinkers. Not jus Plato and Aristotle, but also, Animaxander, Anaximenes, Epicurus, Socrates, Theophrastus, the classic Egyptian sources, hermeticism, cabbalism, Thycudides, the list goes on. I realize, that we are so poor in our knowledge of the world. We know nothing of how the world is really constructed. The most obvious fault is the fact that we have an absolute disregard for metaphysics. Metaphysics used to be the prime field of all the ancients. Not the focus on material things or politics, with all respect. No the knowledge of spirit was the most difficult and most highly regarded field. Today, this is a field none are really interested in academics. The consequence is a poor and superficial world of study today. Social studies are poor in the real understanding of how man really work as a living being. Economics is mostly focused on how numbers add up, and reduce man to a number or a small wheel in the great machinery of the states.

The consequences are all too clear in the world today. Take the European Union. It is a monster, and it devours people as they were simply money in a system of credit and debit. The lack of understanding in the machinery of the European Union of how man is a sacred thing, and the lack of understanding of the most simple principles of law, justice and freedom makes it a unknowing monster killing and destroying all in its wake.

This is not an era of enlightenment, it is an era of darkness.

There is only one true philosopher right now, who really have a grasp of the philosophical interconnections between state, spirit and business. That is, in all humbleness your wee philosopher of this page. But even I cannot carry all of the world on my shoulders. Not while having to feed my family, and clear my tracks after the secret police have been haunting me. I do my best, and we are truly in a rebounding situation. The spiritual systems of our are shoving signs of health, our political systems especially in the Americas and in Russia are improving. But it is, at the best, a shaking renaissance.

The true world of enlightenment is a far cry, uneasy to reach. But, we are all, if we strive on the right course, and if we are persistent enough, and strong enough. We have the chance to make another era of enlightenment. Where people are able to realize who they are.

This is my goal, and I will carry all my water buckets from the well to the cups of humanity as long as I can, in the interest of spirit and love.

G-d bless the light and the peace we hope to win if we are in knowledge of ourselves.

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