Boston bombings

It is with the deepest feeling of solidarity and friendship that we see the bombings of the hapless runners and their friends in the media of Boston. This is an act of desecration, and while this may be a day to day occurrence in some countries in the Middle East, it is still not anything we would wish for anyone at anytime. One thing is to aim at a soldier. A soldier has taken the choice of war, and is prepared to give his life for a cause. Killing innocents is honourless in all circumstances.

Now, there is a deeper understanding of the issue, if I understand the motives right. As I read it from the jewish sources, it was most probably a hit made by a Saudi cell. All the makings of the bomb, and other clues to this conclusion. Well if it is a hit made by a Saudi cell, I would really recommend a tactical digression. First of all, we do not need to pour gasoline on the pyres of the 9/11, but we need, at the same time to focus on the perpetrators. If it is a Saudi cell, then the hit was more an internal act that gives meaning within the Saudi power fractions. I know, that the top of the Saudi monarchy wishes a peaceful solution to the antagonism of the West against the Arabs. They wish to develop their own meaningful, spiritual world into something that the world would respect. This is however not wanted by other parts of the Saudi society, so an antagonism between the West and the Arabs are in their interest.

Now, tackling this difficult situation would require a detailed strategy to counter the threat. On one hand I would focus on the perpetrators, and risk a whole to get them. Put every resource available into the game, use all friends, just get them and put them to justice. At the same time, I would signal to the Arab monarchy, that you do not hold them responsible. In this way you will not give the perpetrators their fulfilment of their job. They will not acquire the boon they wanted.

So, tell the public, that you will find the perpetrators, but do not hold all muslims or the royal families accountable. This will give you the time to enhance your relationship with the Arabs, and start the peace process at earnest.

G-d bless the victims of the vile act, and may they rest in peace.

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