The Vatican and the Copts

The very important visit of the hailed and wise pope of the Egyptian church his eminence Tawadros is, to my mind extremely important. Not only because the church is a very sincere and good church that has led life of persecution for millenia, but also as a political statement in the world at large.

There are many different problems and challenges within the Catholic church, there are many who are unwilling to break away from habits unjust, and many different factions of this and that institutional body. In this difficult situation one may very well lose the overall challenges of the spiritual world in the daily grinding of difficulties. There should be, as the first act, made a body of intelligent, sincere and just representatives within the church to help the pope in his decisions, and this should be made as reforming body bringing the church back to its basic tenants, of discipline, love and light. In this order in the first phase. As the church has been reordered and much more focused on the basic tasks of loving, helping and shedding light on evil, it will then have the ability to bring peace and justice to many places on earth.

But, at the same time, there is an international, political situation, that the Vatican church has to understand and analyze in depth. This is a very difficult task, because the international power game is very complicated and the Vatican church have been loosing ground over the last four hundred years. This is not said to say anything negative, but as a focusing reminder of what we are up against, and what we must strive to overcome.

In the modern world, the ancients tactics of holy war is not working much anymore. We need other tools to counter the threats we are encountering. In this we must understand what our enemies are doing. The main enemy right now is not the Communist anymore, they are very much reformed, and are out to be peacebrokers, not all of them, but many of them, especially in the Southern America. The main antagonist, right now is found in the Middle East, where many christians are persecuted on a daily basis. This is the fact. This does not imply that all muslims are evil, but it does imply, that some of the Islamic organizations are actively working against the brotherhood of man, and trying to disgrace the peace all else are trying to win. The greatest church that is persecuted right now is the Coptic church.

Helping them is however very difficult, one step wrong, and we might destroy their world instead of helping them. If we stop our support to them because we are enveloped in problems, they will perish. The support we give them, must be with all our hearts, all the time, and we should not forget them.

The most wise way, right now, would be to support them, but not with anything violent. Give them our open support, and do whatever we can to make the international media put focus on their suffering. Support them, all we can through all our many tools we can use.

But, also learn from them. They have an ancient church. They are persecuted, but yet keep their faith light and joyful, focusing on the peaceful side and on love.

Add to this an ancient lore based on the very base of all the three monotheistic religions, and you have a friend you will be happy to have.

The power broking in Egypt right now is split between many different factions; the Muslim Brotherhood, the secularists, the football supporters, the army, the United States and the Christians. Add to this a violent Salafi presense, and you have a poisonous environment. We can, by meeting Tawadros and simply speaking with him, be enlightened as to what we need to do in the area, but we should be very careful not to put a foot wrong. It is an explosive area, and if we take the wrong step, Copts will pay.

In this sense, I believe we are a truly working for peace. As we strive, with all our hearts, to be true and helping those in need.

G-d bless all who work for true peace.

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